Thoughtful Thursday ~ 12/24/20

Our Christmas Eve will be spent socially distanced at the in-laws. We are walking over, down the lane that connects our two properties. Only six people. That number was almost going to be five as I threatened a boycott. Not for any other reason than my anxiety. I’m sure the Rona is going to get me.

Their house has an open floor plan. We’re sitting more than six feet apart. I’ll keep my mask on since one can never be too careful.

I’d say this gathering isn’t worth the extra precaution. That perhaps we should just skip. But we’re going for it since tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Which is sort of a conundrum in the context of COVID. People going for it without a care in the world kinda contributes to the problem. But we will follow all the rules and then add some of our own.

I already have my seat picked out. Back to the wall. In a corner by the backdoor. Hand sanitizer ever at the ready :).

Wishing folks a blessed day.