I had to …

I had to what? …

Take my car into the shop. The gear shifter button broke loose and getting the car from park to reverse and drive was getting more dicey. I also had the ABS and stabilitrak on the blitz again due to rats eating on the wires. That happened before March 2020 when we were sent to work from home. I always said I’d tend to it since the rats were in the work garage and not here of that I am sure. I wonder if with majority of the people gone, the office has turned into Wild Kingdom. But I digress.

I picked the 7am appointment. Masked it up and went on in. All employes except one guy moving a floor jack were masked up. I wanted to scream at him WTF dude but I didn’t. I don’t know his situation. I just steered very clear. I had no choice but to wait since we are well over 35 miles from the place. No Uber home for me.

The waiting room had the coffee up and running but no freaking thanks. Other people can partake in the Rona brew. I picked a chair all by itself with my back to the wall. Most of the chairs had been removed and the few remaining chairs were more like 10 feet than the required six feet apart.

As per the law, the folks waiting were masked up. My attendant came over to me a few times and though masked up, he was too close of my comfort. But that was still better than my last 5 minutes in the waiting room when a very dapper older gentleman sat down in the chair across from me without a MASK! He popped open his book and began to read. I thought well he scores points for being a reader but otherwise he is an asshat. I didn’t say anything. Instead I told myself whoa nelly, you have a mask on, he is 10 feet if not more from you, and not once have you heard him cough.

Once I was done, I could not get home fast enough. I came straight into the laundry room and tossed in my clothes, mask and jacket. I had my robe in there waiting so I could move straight to the shower. The hot water was sweet relief. And I own my crazy. Iknow full well that if I was going to get COVID from the dealership waiting room, I already have it. No amount of showering would change that. But I don’t … have it that is … or at least I don’t think I do. I’ll keep ya posted. wink wink

As always, more to come.

3 thoughts on “I had to …

    1. Yes true. I knew the brakes were still okay though. The stabiltrak is a nice to have not a need to have or so they told me when I opted to wait. Something about my regular brakes doing their job.

      Back in February/March the mechanic said the wires are like crack to the rats and they’d just eat them again.

      Now that the wires are replaced, we’ll find out if the rats are here out in our fields. My vote is the work parking garage as that was the only change for me but we shall see.

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