Sunday Reflections ~ 12/20/20

Well we made it through another week.  Things on the home front are really rocky and the days are blurring together.  I am on vacation this week though so there is that.  Time to work on “stuff”.  Taking the car into service Tuesday and hoping I can get a tele-med appointment for sometime this week. 

I have been powering through the pain again partially because I am sure they will tell me it is all in my head but also because of other issues taking priority.  Then as I watched a silly TV show yesterday, I realized I need to be checked out.  This pain may not be mental manifesting as physical.  This really could be something and I’m no good to anyone if I am not well.  Putting on my own air mask first and all that jazz.  Now without further ado, this is the roll call.  

#SLS ~ 12/13/20

Haiku – Mad and Sane ~ 12/14/20

Share Your World ~ 12/15/20

Everyone Needs “A Day You Were Born” Story 🎂

#1linerWeds. 12/16/20

Thoughtful Thursday ~ 12/17/20

#SASoTD ~ 12/18/20

#SoCS ~ 12/19/20

Whew!  Time to get this vacay started with a trip to curbside grocery, then a nap 🙂

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 12/20/20

  1. The best thing to do, when you think you need to see a doctor, is to see the doctor. Do the telephone visit, yes, but have a good physical, complete with the blood tests and everything. It might be nothing (or “all in your head”), but it’s better to spend the money and time and find out for certain.

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    1. I agree completely. The in person physical is already scheduled for February but I don’t think I can wait. Hoping the telemed visit is a step to moving up the February appointment.

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