Thoughtful Thursday ~ 12/17/20

Howdy folks, Thoughtful Thursday might be a new weekly exercise for me. I’ll call this potential new topic a cousin to Ramblings and/or Reflections. I might even formalize and get a tag line going. Just spit balling ideas – so many thoughts so little time

Naw, that sucks. I’ll noodle it over and get back to you with something profound. lol

Back to basics with a definition:


1- absorbed in or involving thought;

2- showing consideration for the needs of other people;

3 – showing careful consideration or attention

Example: “brows drawn together in thoughtful consideration”

Similar words: pensive, thinking, reflective, contemplative, musing, meditative, introspective, prayerful, philosophical, cogitative, ruminative, absorbed, engrossed, rapt, preoccupied, deep/immersed/lost in thought, brooding, broody, serious, studious, solemn, dreamy, dreaming, wistful, melancholy, sad. ruminant, profound, deep, intelligent, sensitive, pithy, meaty, weighty

Well look at that would ya. And here I only associated thoughtful with kindness. But pensive is a stressed word. And so is brooding and/or brows knitted or drawn together. Not sure what this will turn into eventually but for now, placeholder space for drum roll please ………………….. MY THOUGHTS ❤

As always more to come.