Everyone Needs “A Day You Were Born” Story 🎂

The following was written 8 years ago and posted to FB. I’m dusting it off again as a reminder of perseverance. Everyone needs a “day you were born” story. This year 2020 will go down as one to remember. Not seeing the forest for the trees, we’re knee deep in it. Minute by minute. Experience tells me we’ll look back on this day maybe not fondly but differently. This too shall pass. Always ♥️. Without further ado …

12/15/12 – FB On This Day

15 years ago today was a Monday. I went to work as usual; left to a late afternoon doctor’s appt only to be told, we are admitting you today!!! My mind was somewhere between panic and exhilaration. So much different than the first time around. Almost 10 years older but wiser (or so I thought). My parents were out of town at my Uncle Martin’s funeral. We were a week early; this was not part of the plan but looking back I realize that God’s plan worked exactly as intended for us on this day.

At 10:50 pm, Lulu Belle Dub made her entrance into the world and our lives were forever changed for the better. God gave us this sweet precious angel to take away the pain that was to follow five weeks later when we lost my mom.

Thank you facebook friends for my indulgence as I re-live this day with such bittersweet memories for me and my family. Make amends, pay it forward, and be grateful!! Tis the season!!! XOXOXO

10 thoughts on “Everyone Needs “A Day You Were Born” Story 🎂

  1. Did your mom ever get a chance to see the baby, anyway? My sister-in-law had that happen, where she went in for a routine appointment and was rushed to the hospital. Her blood pressure was through the roof. Was that what happened to you?

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    1. She did. The day they got back from the funeral she had my dad take her to our house. She was already sick and in quite a bit of pain but she insisted on going to our place instead of going home first. Mine wasn’t blood pressure. I was a high risk pregnancy though and after a sonogram with the Endocrinologist that day the doctor decided he didn’t want to chance waiting. He called my OB and we were all set.

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