Sunday Reflections ~ 12/13/20

Howdy folks.  Time once again to reflect upon the prior week.  To say it was hellacious is an understatement.  I’m doing what I always do, minimizing my feelings and looking for silver linings.  Telling myself what my daddy taught me with a constant reassurance “No harm done, it could be worse”.  While that is very true and often brought me peace, that sentiment masks and minimizes my feelings.  Which right now are laser focused on Lulu and her recovery.   

There is a fine line between airing your dirty laundry across the Internet and talking about issues to keep the secrets from building up and exploding one day.  The world does not need to know the gory details.  There is enough of that out there now.  Instead we suffer in silence, alone but not truly alone because we always have each other.  Come what may, come hell or high water, for better or worse with all the ugly warts and co-dependencies.  Oh the mistakes I’ve made.  We’ve made.  But right now the blame game has to be set aside for true recovery to begin.  We’ve been through worse and we’ll get through this …  

And if you made it through the quagmire to read this far, here is the roll call.  Short and sweet. Ya see, there were a few silver linings or two in the mix.

#SLS ~ 12/6/20

Haiku – Curl & Paw ~ 12/7/20

Share Your World – 12/8/20

#1linerWeds. 12/9/20

Rambling ~ 12/10/20

#Grateful ~ 12/11/20

#SoCS ~ 12/12/20

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 12/13/20

  1. positive thoughts and tons of love sent to you…….Life can be so difficult and frustrating that is gets hard to see an end to it, or even to think that somehow things will get better. ..but it always does. Hang in there sweetie and know people all over the planet are hoping good things (and great times) come to you and yours. Namaste

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    1. Thank you Suze. This time we’re in a better place to deal since we’ve actually witnessed what you say about how somehow things always get better. This too shall pass is real! Lulu doesn’t have that skill yet but she’ll get there no doubt. I appreciate your kind words and comments today 🤗

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  2. I have two friends -opposite coasts – who offer these phrases to me in times of difficulty. “Everything is as it should be” and “Learn to say ‘and I love that’ following the circumstances in our lives”. Both can be hard nuts to crack but I have at least learned they are ways in which to see the events in our lives as an opportunity to learn, heal, love, abandon, grow, etc. For whatever is weighing on your heart, I send you love.

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    1. Thank you Maggie. That’s very comforting. I’ve been using something similar along the lines of it is what it is to help with acceptance. Adding everything is as it should be is icing on the cake. 🤗

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