WP is Being Fickle ~ 12/6/20

I still cannot like and comment on my iPhone and iPad as much as I used to. Somehow on certain sites, WP does not recognize me as being logged in. If I am lucky, I can type in my name, email and web address to add a comment. Then sometimes I get all the way to the end of the entries only to receive a message “sorry, your comment could not be posted”. My guess it that is for folks who moderate comments. Just my hunch.

Despite the occasional ability to comment, the like button is still generally a no-go about 1/2 the time. And I have no idea why I can like some posts and not others. I made a guess that WP would allow me to like and comment on people I follow but that is not the case either. WP is just plain fickle. Choosing for me.

I’ve tried all the tricks. Removing the app and re-adding it. Logging in manually instead of automatically. In minutes, the issues start in all over again by WP forgetting who I am and reverting back to more fickleness.

I am not often at my desktop which retains full functionality. Maybe I will plan a desktop catch-up day. Or something else that allows me to be an active participant in something I love so much. WP the forum that saved me when I needed it most. Dramatic as that sounds. I’m just joshing. Kinda, sorta, maybe. Hobbies are good things. Life savers. Or they can be.

Now to close with a plea. If you’re so inclined the Dub household could use your prayers. Just general prayers for health and mental well being. Peace. And we will return in kind.

My roots are showing and not the ones on the top of my head. Well okay, those are showing too. In pre-Covid times. I would’ve been to church daily. I would have lighted enough candles to start a blaze. I miss the smell of the well polished pews and waxed floors. And all the other memories of our shelter from the storm.

As always, more to come.


16 thoughts on “WP is Being Fickle ~ 12/6/20

  1. I can’t like and comment on my IPhone either. I’m days behind on my comments because I just can’t sit at the computer for longer than 12 hours. I’m busy with orders and I just want to go to the couch. Usually I work on comments but can’t!

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    1. Hope a fix is coming with 16.3. I submitted a help ticket thanks to Fandango providing instructions to show me how. That was only yesterday so we’ll see if anything happens.

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      1. IPhone has screwed up the last 2 updates. Put the quirks of WP together with it and viola’! Thanks for putting in the ticket. Keep me posted. I’m on autopilot to breathe right now. 🙂

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  2. I have issues with WordPress on my laptop (not a phone person). It’s fine if I go through the Reader but has issues if I go through my actually WordPress site. I worked with the happiness people and it turns out my Chrome account it corrupt, but I’m way too not inclined to make a new one and transfer everything to it. But if I clean out my cookies every day that helps. Maybe, clean out the cache on your phone? That might help.

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  3. I’ve had this problem on my iPhone since WordPress updated its iOS app for the iPhone in early November to version 16.0. From my reader I could visit sites and like and comment on some posts but not on others. I determined that if the blog’s address has “.wordpress.com” in it, as yours does, liking and commenting on posts works fine, but if the blog’s address does NOT have “.wordpress.com” in it, like my blog’s address, I couldn’t.

    After much back and forth with the Happiness Engineers, they finally admitted that version 16.0 of the WordPress app included a fix to a different feature that, unfortunately, had a side effect that would cause the in-app browser to be logged out for certain sites. Once they identified the problem, they put together a fix which they say is still being tested, but if all goes well should be coming in version 16.3.

    If you haven’t already reached out to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress, I urge you to do so and tell them about the issue. And tell them Fandango sent you!

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  4. You have my payers. May you get past whatever is going on and emerge better than before.

    WP doesn’t like my phone very much either. Sometimes I can like and reply, sometimes not. Seems that can only logically only be the results of differences between blog sites. It is like there are some sites you can never reply to and some you can always reply to?

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    1. Thanks Fred! I have a feeling you know all too well what is happening here. The black dog has reared his ugly head. Lulu is in his grip.

      You’re onto something with how the sites are set up. Yet it changes also. Depends on what “mood” WP is in. lol. Fickle I tell ya

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