Bull ~ 11/19/20

I’m back on the sauce which is code for watching TV. I truly thought the Rona was going to ruin my entertainment but Hollywood found a way. Not without casualties of course but that’s okay.

I haven’t done a review in a while so here’s my two cents. Bull is a show about the psychology of jury selection. Dr. Jason Bull and his crackpot team always select the perfect jury and win. Everything always wraps up in a nice neat package.

Tuesday night’s season premiere was unusual. Taking a page from current times, Bull had Covid, hallucinating a majority of the episode. One of those where he broke out into song in a TV/musical mash up. When his fever broke, we were back to reality. The new reality of today where we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Theses actors are in a bubble, getting tested for COVID-19. Being “safe”. Another way they’re adapting is use of CGI. Bull’s daughter for example was a CGI baby. While tech has improved, Astrid was creepy. Semi-realistic but not quite right. Coupled with the random misplaced song, this was not an episode I’d watch again. Though I usually like singing, any time any place. Think Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist. But that show won’t be back until March 2021.

Overall at least they’re trying to bring entertainment during the end of days. That’s what matters. And me? I’ll keep watching. I mean what else have I got to do?

As always more to come.

6 thoughts on “Bull ~ 11/19/20

  1. You know, there was an episode of JAG in one of the early seasons (Sasha Alexander was still part of the group) where DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly, who also plays Jason Bull) is infected with genetically-altered pneumonic plague, and ended up suffering in isolation. What you’re describing is very similar to that…

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      1. There was an episode of “Andy Griffith” where Andy saves Gomer’s life and Gomer acts like a helicopter parent and drives Andy nuts. Tonight’s episode of Gomer Pyle is almost exactly like that…

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  2. I guess part of our new reality is having to put up with seeing masks on all the actors-like last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. I hate not seeing their faces or hearing clearly what they say. Some shows are doing it and others aren’t, just like the rest of the world. Crazy times we’re living in!!

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    1. I’m with you. If set in current times I’m glad they’re trying to be realistic. But I’d rather see their face. Plus when they don’t wear it right I wig out. Like American Housewife and the Conners with characters putting the masks 😷 below their nose. I know they’ve been tested and are ok but I scream in my head cover your nose! The Goldbergs is very enjoyable being set in the 80s.


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