Sunday Reflections ~ 11/8/20

Last week was a whirlwind for sure. Hard to believe we’re a week plus into November. Last Sunday we fell back thanks to the nonsensical time change. I know I got an extra hour but I’m still bitching. Messes with my circadian rhythm. I have enough issues with good sleep already.

But that’s small potatoes in the big scheme of things with all the woes of the world. On a personal note, my main concern is Lulu. She’s hating on herself and that’s sad to watch. Hoping this experience gives her some mettle and she comes through stronger.

And me? Peace out. Not like buh bye peace out. Just peace man. Zen. I never partook but man maybe I should start. Not. I am too much of a rule following control freak. Too bad Texas didn’t have legalize marijuana like some 18 other states. I understand that I cannot control matters anyway which is why I am letting go and letting God. I feel better already as the weight is lifting off my shoulders.

Now let’s move on to the roll call shall we?

#SLS for 11/1/20 – can’t go wrong with Madge.  You know her as Madonna.  I love nicknames.  Enough to make one up for myself.  

Haiku – Cold & Fall ~ 11/2/20 – writing therapy for Mondays.  Haiku – cures what ails ya.

Share Your World ~ 11/3/20 – more writing therapy.  Sharing is caring y’all.  

#1linerWeds. 11/4/20 – Quinceanera kitty.  Well I thought it was cutie patootie.  

Good News … Kinda Sorta Maybe? 11/5/20 the interview was a disaster.  Takes a special person to work with special needs.  To close the interview, they asked her what she thought.  She told them with tears in her eyes that what they do there is amazing.  This despite the warning her that she could get bit, spat on, and would potentially have to change diapers.  

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 11/6/20 – showing my anxiety, getting it out of my system.

#SoCS for 11/7/20 – Bonjour !!  and always the capstone or my week.

Tomorrow I have a bone scan. Ugh! I know it won’t be good but screw it. Guess we’ll see how bad is bad. Not wanting to harsh on my fake mellow. I am done talking about this … for now. I may blog about my experience later. Instead, I am going to my happy place without the aid of anything other than meditation. ohm ohm (which btw, meditation is not … not really).

Now that’s a wrap! Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 11/8/20

    1. Oh ya, Lulu started the job 10/19 but was let go on 10/27 for ISP woes. Now she is back pounding the virtual pavement. Such a shame since the Google Nest router appears to have solved all of our connectivity issues. Pickings are slim as they say and she’s in an awful head space. I will definitely keep up the false mellow. It’s quite nice. lol

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  1. Hey Jill, you always end up feeling/saying things exactly the same as me! I read all your blogs but rarely respond, but this year! This week!!! 2020 is a year I will not forget and don’t want to remember it either! Anyways, I decided Friday that I really didn’t care what the outcome would be. It is disappointing and so much confusion, BUT. I choose to wake up everyday and just continue my retired life as always. I guess just give it to God, but confused what he is doing with it now. I have decided to not watch/read any political news. Will skip over FB political news for now, then possibly unfollow. And very close to just leaving FB forever! People I have known for a very long time are accepting this week, but with very disturbing reasons. It is what it is, no matter how it gets counted, but after 4 years of being classified as a group with none or horrible morals, and then to see why they are celebrating is disturbing! Going to stay in my “bubble”. I do go grocery shopping with mask and a few restaurants with social distancing, go to the coast to stay at the RV or go fishing! We have been in personal contact with all 3 boys and 2 grandsons, one who 2020 brought to live with us! Big life change. At least he has a job at Academy. We allow a small number of his really close friends to come by occasionally, like girlfriend❤ so for now, this will be our bubble, and I don’t think anything major will change about our lives or lifestyles but the future for our kids and especially grandkids, is scary. As if living in 2020 hasn’t been scary enough! Positive note, my youngest son got engaged in 2020 and is planning, hopefully, a normal a wedding in September 2021. Challenging, his fiance is outwardly politically opposite of all of our family, and even her own family! So hopefully we can have peaceful celebrations! Alcohol will either help or make it worse…lol! So be glad you wake up everday and i will continue to live everyday with no political cares! Life is short, which was an event that hit our family 4 times, 2 being pets. Keep up your blogs for me!! Haha!!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your kind words. You have a fantastic bubble going there. I can feel the love you have for your all of your boys and it is heartwarming. I get to travel along vicarious;y when I see you at the coast.

      I feel the same about the election. I am going silent on FB for the most part. There are sore winners among our mutual friends from work. I think you know which ones I am talking about. They keep throwing out the worst memes and just plain gloating. It is quite disturbing.

      And the future is not all that. Same here in that nothing much will change for B and me but the kiddos well hell let’s just say I am glad I am old. I am still scared for them and the election changed nothing in that regard.

      Congrats to Trevor and his fiancee. Hoping for that normal wedding in 2021. The celebrations/holidays etc will be good. My extended family is a family divided.
      Yet we never fight. That’s out of respect for our daddy God rest his soul. Instead we avoid talking about the differences, no need to belabor the points. We laugh and sometimes sing. Living in the moment.

      I’ll keep writing. It’s my free therapy. Which I need desperately as you’ve already figured out 🙂


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