Good News … Kinda Sorta Maybe?

I’m making stuff up. Dang Nabit. Lulu has an interview today. Sounds promising. But the job is in an office. That’s means potential exposure to Rona. That scares the blankety blank out of me. In my crazy brain, she has already caught “it”.

Truth be told, I’ve not paid much attention to this virus 🦠 After the initial shock that is. Instead I’ve been using my underwriting chops with avoidance being the best mitigation strategy. I’ve acted like I had it and hunkered down in our bubble. Now I want to read up on anything and everything they now know to see if going out there is safe.

The jury is still out. And I am an armchair doctor much like a Monday morning quarterback. I obviously don’t know sH!t. Ugh.

Oh well. She doesn’t even have the job yet. No use worrying. If only being neurotic was not embedded deeply in my nature.

And watching TV drama The Good Doctor made everything worse. Of course they’re acting out COVID. While there might be one to pull through, others have already succumbed. And this show attempts to mirror real life. I have to wonder how much is embellished?

Man oh man the scene with the wife on the phone asking her husband from his hospital bed “what is that?” when hearing celebratory bells 🔔 felt very real. “Someone is going home” he said. Maybe that’s the more likely outcome as they continue to battle in the pandemic 😷 .

Peace people. Wishing you a stress free Thursday.

17 thoughts on “Good News … Kinda Sorta Maybe?

  1. Crossing fingers again for Lulu. Our daughter is an assistant teacher and has had to go back to teaching in person rather than virtually. Very stressful. They have already had one “outbreak” with a couple people testing positive so they had to go virtual for a week. Back and forth is ridiculous IMO. However, the school is testing the teachers every Monday and the kids get their temperatures taken before they even get out of the car. My daughter and the other teachers think it is too soon to go back in the classrooms but this is a private school so she thinks it’s the parents that don’t want to have to deal with their kids at home anymore who are forcing the issue.

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  2. Jilly, I hope Lulu gets the job, if she is sensible, wears masks, uses sanitiser on her hands, desk and equipment, follows safety rules, socially distances, washed her hands. She should be fine. It becomes second nature. Really it’s her bringing the virus home that is more of a risk to you and your hubby than her. But if your all careful it will be good. Fingers crossed she get the job it will boost her ego. All we can do is what works for us.💜💜💜

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    1. Yes that can be done, I know of others doing same. If she does get this job, she will have clients and work in one to one setting completely assessments. They wouldn’t be open without all the precautions. I know I am overreacting, but it sure felt good to get it out of my system.

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  3. It’s so hard for me to understand why so many people are still scared to death and hiding inside when we as a whole family have been fine this entire time –carrying on as normal — complying, of course, with mask-wearing and all. I guess we should count our blessings, but I still believe the news is mostly fake, the numbers have been manufactured, and the government is trying to control us and/or push their agenda. If they keep everyone scared to death, they accomplished their mission. My best advice is to turn off the news and live your life. My dad just turned 86, if I thought he was in danger, we would have never left the house, but maybe we all just have a great immune system. Who knows?
    I do hope your daughter gets the job, and I hope you find the strength to overcome your fears.

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    1. It’s real I have lost my mother in law, I have been in and out of hospital since June, not with Covid but in a Covid hot hospital, I have seen the precautions and felt the fear. I am due another operation this month in the same hospital if my bed does not get taken up buy a Covid explosion. Here in the UK we are in lockdown again. I pray you all stay safe. Sending hugs 💜💜💜

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      1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss and your health issues. I pray you stay safe as well, and get your next procedure with no problems. (Hugs back!)

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      2. So very sorry for your loss Willow <3. I hope all goes well with your operation. Prayers for and Hugs to you as well.


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