P. S. to Share Your World 11/3/20

Well alrighty then, My meme offended someone. Take a gander at the link if you want to see what I am talking about.

Share Your World ~ 11/3/20

I’m truly at a loss. Can’t win for losing. To post that meant I am privileged because no matter which way the wind blows, tomorrow I will wake up, going about my merry business. It means I don’t know struggle because my life is not in jeopardy.

So let me ponder that a bit.

My buddy George is in jeopardy. Though I cannot speak for him, sadly I know it is true. In fact, I have seen with my own eyes the prejudice he faces. For no reason other than the color of his skin. Yet he chose to post something positive. Knowing him, he will wake up and be the happy, kind, and gentle soul who we all know and love.

And truth be told I am scared. I am sick with worry. But what good does that do? There are things beyond our control to include the outcome of this election. Sure we all get one vote but the final tally is a mutherfreaking wild card.

With that I am FIN. Ten/4 good buddy. I’ll see you on the flip side.

As always, more to come.


15 thoughts on “P. S. to Share Your World 11/3/20

  1. I had a look at your meme. I don’t see anything controversial in it. Quite the opposite. It makes a contrast with those who seem to think that aggression is a way to respond to the results of an election.

    But I guess on the subject of politics – it is very hard to say anything that won’t be taken the wrong way by someone.

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    1. That is how I took it too because the aggression will come out once this is said and done. I thought of it as a choice to avoid the hate.

      What this made me realize is for some that this election is more personal, dare I say life threatening even. Or the belief that it is.
      And I am out here in my suburban bubble away from the fray.


  2. I don’t have to go to work. But I will continue to live my life, try to be happy, and love others. I suggest you do so as well regardless of what anyone thinks of your meme. I wish I could guarantee being happy but depression and I have been friends for too long to imagine they’re gone for good.

    Neither side in this cock-up of an election year seems interested in reaching out to the opposition, so it is little more than an arm-wrestling match. I still predict Biden will win by a narrow margin and that the Senate will be evenly split. If it doesn’t happen that way, there is still no choice but to keep on truckin’ for another 4 years and hope the Democrats will have learned from this.

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    1. We are watching and waiting. I wish this was over but then it never really is over until ya know …
      I like your philosophy Fred, keep on tricking ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I donโ€™t agree with the meme, but you definitely have a right to post it. If people donโ€™t like it, they should ignore it. Post their own meme or whatever. Hugs! ๐Ÿ’–

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  4. The world is full of people who don’t/won’t like a person for who they are and what they say. Just tell them to move on. I too am scared s**tless. But all I can do is vote. If I had another country to go to, that was safe and sane, I might do that with a crazy person still at the helm. We have to live our lives as best we can. Your meme was appropriate and kind.

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  5. Well, Iโ€™m confused. All the comments were positive, so Iโ€™m not sure who was offended. I totally feel you, no matter what the outcome is, my life will go on the same way it always has. I voted, thatโ€™s all I can do. Thatโ€™s all I was saying, what else can we do but carry on?

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