Sunday Reflections ~ 11/1/20

As I sit here reflecting and deep breathing, I think I have gotten a grip on this past week. Not for the faint of heart yet not terribly awful either. Tired and true (to me) saying it could always be worse. At least we have our health. Knock on wood. Fingers crossed I did not jinx us. Superstitious neurotic that I am.

Beginning with a roll call, I will intersperse some zany thoughts into the proverbial mix.

#SLS for 10/25/20music, sweet music, there is music everywhere.  Soothing no matter the tempo.

Haiku – Bloom & Wet ~ 10/26/20 just another manic Monday.  Who knew what Tuesday had in store for us.

Share Your World ~ 10/27/20 my free weekly therapy to respond to questions of a wonderful variety.  Then came the Heartbroken ~ 10/27/20 for which I could talk about until I pass out.  I am blaming myself for not putting in the damn Nest Monday night.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that jazz.  To think a half ass router was a main contributor to Lulu’s losing her job. 

So many kind hearted people have made comments to help but I still blame myself.  While she blames herself for not handling the situation differently.  One day could have made all the difference.  Of course the men in the family are more logical – you can’t do blame yourselves because you didn’t know.  And maybe it wouldn’t have worked and/or this is still not over yet.  We’ve had streaks of good connection only to be foiled again.  They continue that if the company was not willing to work with her more then maybe it’s good she couldn’t stay on.  Still I could kick myself since the remainder of the week was smooth as silk on the ISP front.

#1linerWeds. 10/28/20 moving on to pre Halloween funnies.  Now that TV is back in business I may start with one liner quotes from TV Shows.  My gallery is filling up and each meme takes a space up from something else.  

Funny Math ~ 10/29/20 

#WATWB ~ 10/30/20 – a highlight of the month!!

Friday Reflections ~ 10/30/20 early reflections, no need to wait for Sundays.  An anniversary of a most unfortunate event.  Hindsight gives perspective.  Gotta love it ❤ 🙂

#SoCS for 10/31/20 the capstone of each week 

Today is St. Jerome’s annual church fundraiser/turkey dinner.   This year will be take-out meals only.  They are still having the auction but in a virtual fashion.  We are not big spenders and even pre COVID we would not participate.  Still we may take a look-see since historically the auctions are loads of fun to watch. All this while inside my addled brain I am gearing up for another day in the salt mines come Monday.  Yea I know my job is not even close to salt mines.  Sometimes mental anguish can be as bad as physical.  In fact my mental state is manifesting as physical as we speak.  But that’s a story for another day.  I have two appointments lined up in the coming weeks.  I’ll be back with the deets. Fer sure.

Now that’s a wrap! Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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