Every Song Takes on a Special Meaning

Since March, it’s been rough ’round these parts. Not diminishing what has happened to countless victims of Rona. But fortunately for us, we deal with that in the abstract. Sure by now we know of a friend of a friend, someone from work but we have not experienced Covid up close and personal.

Last night, my bestest friend on the planet lost her daddy after years of battling cancer. Since October 9, he had been in and out of the hospital. He managed to stay Covid free but he developed a staph infection. This past Tuesday he decided enough. No more poking and prodding. He was stopping all treatment. He wanted to go home for Thanksgiving.

When he took his last breath, he was surrounded by his loved ones. His wife of 56 years (it was their anniversary to boot, they had just renewed their vows, and he was given his last rites all on the same day), his two daughters and son-in-law. I’m told his passing was peaceful, he just went to sleep. Who could ask for better circumstance.

My friend’s daddy was like a second father to me. I spent lots of time at their house growing up. Some things I will always remember about him is that he had a hot rod car, he played the piano by ear, and he loved his oldies. Oh and I should mention he was the best friend and next door neighbor of B’s dad, our PoPo. Small world isn’t it? PoPo loves the oldies too.

As they decorated for Christmas, his music was playing in the background. Every once and a while he’d open his eyes and say “now that’s a good song”. Then he’d close his eyes again, listening. Imagining that quality time with him in his last hours makes me smile through the tears. QEPD/RIP. Heaven gained another angel.

As always, more to come.

#SLS ~ 11/29/20

Jim prompts us with bird/dog/cat/fish/pet. I almost went with “How Much is That Doggy in the Window” which had all the prompts but pet. As a kid, I have fond memories of that song singing it with my brothers. But I had time on my hands and did some generic searching finally landing on the Beatles’ “Hey Bulldog”. Writer(s): Lennon, John Winston and Mccartney, Paul James. For more details, check out the wiki. Now onto the tune …

Standing in the rain
Doing it again
Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles
What makes you think you’re something special when you smile?

No one understands
Jack knife
In your sweaty hands
Some kind of innocence is measured out in years
You don’t know what it’s like to listen to your fears

You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me, if you’re lonely you can talk to me

Yeah hey, oh!
Ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho!

Big man (Yeah)
Walking in the park
Frightened of the dark
Some kind of solitude is measured out in you
You think you know me but you haven’t got a clue

You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me, if you’re lonely you can talk to me

Wahoo woof! Woof!

Hey bulldog! Hey bulldog!
Hey bulldog! Hey bulldog!

[Hey man, what’s that noise?


What d’you say?

I said woof!

D’you know anymore?

Wooaah ha ha ha!

You’ve got it, that’s great! That’s right! That’s it, man, hoo!

Give it to me, man, hurry! I’ve got ten children, ho!

Ah ho! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Quiet boy, quiet!


Hey bulldog!
Hey bulldog!

Sunday Reflections ~ 11/29/20

After working Monday, I took the rest of the week off.  Except for one 30 minute meeting, I didn’t even look at my work stuff.  That’s hard for me. Especially since I work from home now with a docking station.  Logging in takes but two shakes of a lamb’s tail.  I made some regretful choices this week but I won’t belabor the point.  Let’s just say I am tired of waking up with a sense of dread.  I want to start fresh come tomorrow.  Now for the roll call …

#SLS for 11/22/20

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Share Your World ~ 11/24/20

#1linerWeds. 11/25/20

Darn You WP & Entertainment Ramble ~ 11/26/20

#WATWB ~ 11/27/20

#SoCS ~ 11/28/20

Short, sweet, and to the point.  I’m just not feeling it.  Hopefully things will turn around.  And I’m sure they will because “This Too Shall Pass”.  

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 11/28/20

We’re baaack. Time for another round of #SoCS where the lovely Linda writes and I rewrite “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opt.” Use it as a word or find a word with “opt” in it and base your post on that. Have fun!” If you’d like to opt in to the fun and frolics, here are the rules and pingback.

See how I did that? Right outta the gate. Opt in … to the fun and frolics … So many disclosures so little time. There are rules, the rules upon rules upon rules and in some instances the consumer can “opt in” or “opt out”. But where’s the fun and frolic in that?

Take two … think, think, and think.

Opt … Hmmm

What about Optimus Prime?

No, I am your father”

Wait! What? Where’d that come from? Optimus Prime is a Transformer not part of Star Wars. But I’m still right and unhappy since one can be right or happy but not both. Doh! No Mandela effect for me.

Speaking of Star Wars cuz we were. In 2014 when we went to the East Coast Disney, we spent a day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Our favorite ride bar none was the Star Wars attraction. A 4D event where we’d strap in four to a row and go on different versions of a space battle. Yeah I’m trying to explain it but not using the right words. Let’s just say as with stats, the permutations of possible trips were endless. Which is why we rode the ride about six or seven times in a row. Da best!

I think it’d be fun to go back after all this Rona crap is over. Though the parks are open now. We could opt in … brave the wild. But alas, we are opting out. Staying put. This is all so crazy. Like somehow places think limiting their hours reduces your chance of catching the virus. I think not. The virus can’t effing tell time. Luck of the draw people. Even when you are ultra careful, it can happen. Even if the odds are forever in your favor. Hunger Games. So what’s a girl to do? Stay home, social distance if I can’t, wear a mask, and wash my hands.

Thanksgiving Day, our fair mayor installed a curfew. From 10 pm to 5 am, we cannot be out. If caught red handed, the fine is $1000. Hmmm. All this does is hurt the second shifters or others who work until 10 pm and can’t get their stuff before curfew. I find that ri-donk-a-donk. I wonder about the logic. Though you don’t have to tell me twice. I am a believer, living in fear. I am opting to stay in from 10 pm to 5 am. Because I can. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

And with that, I am fin. Until next time. Hope your Saturday is as safe as can possibly be.

As always, more to come.

#WATWB ~ 11/27/20

As I was scrolling around last week, I read a quick blurb that Dolly Parton is a millionaire not billionaire because she gives so much of her money away. I didn’t think much more about it other than I always loved Dolly. She’s a trailblazer, role model, with the voice of an angel. Then as I was looking for something to post for #WATWB, I stumbled across this gem.

See what I mean. Hoping for a good outcome. This sounds promising.

This month’s co-hosts, Lizbeth HartzInderpreet UppalShilpa GargDamyanti Biswasand Roshan Radhakrishnan welcome participants and encourage all to join in during future months.  #WATWB is a blog hop on the last Friday of every month. Here are the intention and rules. In darkness, be light!

Darn You WP & Entertainment Ramble ~ 11/26/20

WP won’t allow me to be mobile. iPhone or iPad. Looks like it doesn’t recognize me being logged in. I can only read posts. No liking or commenting. Ugh. I’ll move to my desktop eventually after I run through all my goodies on DVR. The addiction is real y’all. Roll call for …

  • This is Us
  • A Million Little Things
  • Filthy Rich 🤑
  • The Good Doctor 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️
  • Next 👾
  • Station 19
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Dancing with the Stars ✨
  • Amazing Race
  • The Voice
  • The Bachelorette
  • The Masked Singer
  • All the Datelines, 48 Hours, 20/20, 60 Minutes
  • All the sitcoms we watch live – Young Sheldon, Mom, B Positive, The Connors, American Housewife, Goldberg’s
  • Penn and Teller
  • Whose Line is it Anyway
  • All the game shows: I Can See Your Voice, Weakest Link, Millionaire, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, Match Game, Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal 🤝

Whew 😅 thank goodness for Prime Time Anytime auto record from 7 pm to 10 pm week days. Without that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When I finally sit down to watch, I skip commercials and otherwise fast forward to see just what I want. Mask Singer for example, I just watch the unveiling. For Amazing Race, I watch with a pause or two to see some of the challenges but otherwise I fast forward to elimination. Anyway you slice or dice 🎲 I’ve got a problem. My way to deal with self imposed quarantine in a pandemic 😷 is to watch TV!!!!!!!!!

Blogging is also my constant companion. And work! All with a back drop of music 🎶 and reading 📖 though truth be told my attention span doesn’t allow for much reading just for pleasure these days. At least I’m back to reading some though even if not at the same velocity. Oh well. I’m not complaining. Instead I’m grateful and my heart ♥️ is full.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

As always more to come.

Share Your World ~ 11/24/20

I’m baaack! And Awaaaay we go! Thanks Melanie for hosting. Thanks Jim for supplying the questions. Thanks Paula for the inspiration.



  1. What is worse than a dentist with bad breath? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  2. Have you ever been rejected by someone that you liked, or been told that you were not good enough for somebody else? Yes but fortunately I married B when I was only 19 and he was 20. Anyone I may have liked before him doesn’t count. Just a crush or “puppy love”. Oh but at the time I was devastated.
  3. Did you ever want to have toast for breakfast, only to find that all your bread was covered in green mold? No, not green but grayish mold yes or I am color blind. We usually eat our bread fast enough, bread loving family that we are. And we sometimes put our bread in the fridge to delay the mold process but even then, mold can still happen. We have a little joke – a lil mold can’t hurt ya, it’s almost like penicillin.
  4. Did you ever sneeze so hard that your whole body hurt? Nope. My whole body hurts sneezing or not. Bleh 😦 I am a medical oddity who needs Mystery Diagnosis to save me.
  5. Did you ever buy clothing on the internet that did not fit, but you wore them anyway, since you didn’t want to pay the $5 shipping charge to send them back? Nope! But I have a hilarious meme I shared on FB. Not knowing if this is a family blog, I will paraphrase.

Me when I’m drunk: Drinks for everyone!

Me when I’m sober: $5 for shipping!! I think the <insert eff word> not!

I refuse to pay shipping since that cost should fall to the seller IMO. Of course, the free shipping people may be secretly increasing the price of their wares to cover that cost. Still, when I see no fee shipping I get a psychological boost. Sticking it to the man!

Now for the best part. The cherry on the top of the whip cream, on top of the butterscotch sauce over the ice cream of the sundae that is LIFE. I am sad when Melanie writes what is true, many have a hard time finding something to be grateful right about now. Times suck in these Rona daze and even before. LIFE “You ain’t no nice guy”.

Bonus points for anyone who can guess where that line comes from “You ain’t no nice guy”

I have no idea why I have diverted into streaming. Back to task. I am most grateful for my family of four as we navigate these days together. You are my shelter from the storm ❤