Friday Reflections ~ 10/30/20

About this time 14 years ago to the day I was in a unit meeting. Typical Monday. The voice mail I received once the meeting wrapped rocked my world. I wrote about it here …

J-Dub’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Final Installment – Aptly Subtitled Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Today I took a personal day and used it for time to reflect because introvert that I am, I get off on that stuff. Thinking!! Not for the faint of heart <3. Since that fateful day, life has continued to provide her “lessons”. Yay US! To shake the blues, Lulu Belle and I took off for greener pastures. We went to the famed Riverwalk since we could socially distance outdoors.

Here is what we spied with our little eyes …

I didn’t get a picture of the rabid squirrel y’all but one was right there by me. I was watching the ducks and he was watching me. I swear. He was about to jump off the tree and eat my face. Haha. Have I told you how much squirrels scare me? Have I ever mentioned my pet squirrel Perry? Not my pet now but when I was a kid. Funny story for another day.

After the Riverwalk stroll, we went to a touchless carwash. Then since we were in the neighborhood, I took Lulu past all of my former abodes. Well first we drove by my Mamaw’s house. I never lived there because she told mom she wanted to live close enough for us to visit but not TOO close. She would have taken us all in of course. That’s what she did after all but that too is another story for another day.

Then we drove by Glamis where I lived until I was four. Mom married my daddy and we moved to Howerton, stop #3 then at 19, I was back on Glamis for a year before moving to Huth (B & my first home) before heading our final home – Casa de Dub’s. Not to worry none of those former addresses are my passwords. I use password123. Or do I? Only the shadow knows. I shouldn’t kid about that because I may have jinxed myself.

Or not … I’m finally learning I have no control over “stuff” like that or anything else. Rather all I can control are my reactions. No more beating myself up for not reaching some standard that in the big scheme of things doesn’t matter. I’m not giving up either. I ‘m letting go and damn that feels marvelous.

As always more to come.


11 thoughts on “Friday Reflections ~ 10/30/20

  1. That is a wild story. I’m sorry you went through that, but happy that you made it through and that no one ended up with hep-c.

    Ducks can be hilarious. We were at Hilton Head years ago, and we’re standing by a pond watching these two ducks. One of the ducks starts pecking at the other, and Mary says “isn’t that a mating ritual?” Next thing you know, we had an answer to her question…

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    1. Lol about the ducks. “Get a room” feathered friends. Haha

      They were so careful about the hep C sending everything off. I was worried the surgery floor cleaner wouldn’t cut it but it worked like a charm. It took a while to be truly comfortable even though we couldn’t see anything left behind.

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      1. Yep, turned out to be quite artistic! 🙂 I just posted the blue angels yesterday in my square post if you want to check it out. When I saw that streak, it reminded me of those photos so I dug them out.

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  2. Went back to read the post, wow. I am a little sorry the pictures don’t show up anymore (am I gruesome or just nosy?). Glad that you were able to get a walk in today. It looks very serene there. Hugs to you!

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