Heartbroken ~ 10/27/20

After six days on the job, Lulu got her walking papers. Thanks to our unreliable ISP. Or thanks to nothing. No one’s fault.

B seems to think he can save the day. Put in hard wired lines instead of wi-fi but they told her too late for that. At least they were kind. Her supervisor said she would keep Lulu in mind for when they bring people back into the office.

I want to rant at our ISP, tell them that they owe my daughter a job. Maybe then we’d get good service if she was work from home in one of their call centers? Yet I realize my bitching and moaning does no good. It is what it is. Sadly.

This job was all wrapped up in her self esteem. After all those rejections. Telling her it is not her fault does not make it better. Instead it is just more realization that she will have to pound the virtual pavement and find something else.

When one door closes … another one opens. If not a door, a window. Too soon 😦 Ya too soon 😦

That is all. Just had to get it out of my system.

As always, more to come.

20 thoughts on “Heartbroken ~ 10/27/20

      1. I hope so. There are not many jobs here at the moment. I looked yesterday for fun sake. Not a lot out there for a 55 year old graphic artist. They all want web design experience or video experience. I’m neither of those. I got approved for another 39 weeks of unemployment so that’s something. 🙂

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  1. It just not fair, times are difficult enough. All this is showing us how much we rely on the internet and WiFi and how many providers are just not up to the job! I do hope Lulu gets another job ,soon 💜

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    1. Seems so simple, magical airwaves. We installed a Nest last night to replace the router that we think may have been the culprit. So far, things are good. Of course it is early yet and the jury is still out. If this keeps working though, being a day late to install will haunt me.

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  2. There are a lot of small town and rural areas with crappy to no internet. If you are close to your router, hard wiring with an Ethernet cable won’t make any difference. If you can get regular cable TV, their services are usually not horrible.

    Satellite internet is expensive. HughesNet, and ViaSat are a couple. Dish satellite TV includes a subscription to HughesNet,

    It is possible to set up a slow but reliable internet connection thru a smart phone configured as a hotspot but you need good cell service for that to work. You also need unlimted data or you will spend a lot of money on it. I’ve used that as a backup when my ATT is down and when I was on the road.

    Many communities have a work center with high speed data one can go to for work. If there isn’t one, think of it as a possible business opportunity..

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    1. All great points Fred. We aren’t able to get regular cable TV. We have Dish but our neighbors have Hughes Net with more outages than ours. We’re looking at the hot spot option. The work center here is closed but the one in Tennessee is still open. Too bad. She would’ve loved to mask it up and go into an office.


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