#SoCS for 10/24/20

Time once again for #SoCS. I’m gonna short hand it. Anything that begins with a ‘M’. Thanks Linda! To join in, here are the Rules and Ping Back

M …

Well the sky is the limit. We’ve got movies. Or we had movies. Last weekend when Lulu and I went looking for a blouse for her one day in the office pick up equipment meeting, we drove past the Quarry Cinema. Big ole signs that said “Open New York”. Until that happens there will be no new first run movies. Of course some places are making due with second run social distance seating. Or you can even rent a theater for $99 bucks. We think they limit you to 10 or less attendees. I don’t know that many people interested. I also don’t enjoy movies the same way I used to. When Lulu asked me if I thought I’d ever go to the movies in a theatre again, I said no. Not worth it. Seems COVID has sucked the fun right out of our lives.

Speaking of COVID … I was off yesterday and I went to get new glasses 👓. I had to stand at the door while the couple in front of me finished up. The store temperature checks and everything. We were way more than six feet apart too. Anywho the sweet tech asked the husband if he thought we’d ever go back to normal. The reply was “no sonny, welcome to the new world. Nothing will ever be the same”. The tech says well what a life for me … to never see anyone smile again. As I eavesdropped, I thought that could be true and that’s sad.

Leads me to another ‘M’ memories. Thank goodness I have more pre than post COVID memories. When I think about Lulu and Pony and the sweet tech from Visionworks, I don’t envy them. I’m glad I’m old. I can’t imagine continuing on like this much longer. I feel so trapped that after I got my glasses ordered, I did not want to go home. I went and parked by the pond and watched freaking ducks!! Of course the pandemic hasn’t even been going on that long. Relatively speaking that is. About seven months for us. Not even a year. Yet the amount of moments crammed in make it feel like decades.

Which leads to my final M’s mind/mental health/meditation. Our all powerful minds can beautifully control our reactions. I’m practicing the pause with meditation 🧘‍♀️ trying to improve my already shaken mental health. Some of the tried and true coping mechanisms aren’t working. The art of the power through for example. We had internet issues which makes me anxious. I’m certain Lulu will lose her job before it even really starts. Damn you to hell nameless ISP!!! So I left to get tacos letting Pony deal with getting her back online.

I never ran before. Was quite proud when I told my former shrink that during crisis is when I shine. I power through. Why? Well what else am I supposed to do? <rhetorical>. I was quite amazed when she told me some people choose not to face adversity. She told me I had choices. Sacribleu!

This was me! Like the cough drop wrapper says …

Alrighty. Enough whine without the requisite cheese. I sincerely have zero to mope around about. Wishing you a marvelous weekend 🎉Ta-ta for now.

As always more to come.