Sunday Reflections ~ 10/18/20

Last week was a killer. Work kicked my a$$. Three of five nights I was online until 8 pm. At least I got done what needed to be done. Tomorrow begins the work week anew and I am even taking a day off. My Q3 20 deliverable is put to bed. Like the newspaper. Is that a thing? Oh well, thank goodness this is only a once a quarter exercise.

I am NERVOUS by proxy as Lulu’s big day is manana. After all that craziness of not being positively identified, everything fell into place. All that had to do with was her lack of credit. Who knew that borrowing money is what makes one a person?!?!? Butterflies are flying. AHHHHHH. This is so NOT about me. Get a grip Jilly. Grip gotten. LOL.

Short roll call and away I’ll go …

#SLS for 10/11/20

Haiku – Drip & Drop ~ 10/12/20

Share Your World ~ 10/13/20

1linerWeds. 10/14/20

Story Time ~ 10/15/20

Friday Book Club ~ 10/16/20

#SoCS for 10/17/20

Now that’s a wrap! Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 10/18/20

  1. I ran into problems when I was much younger. I had no credit because I did not use it and had not needed it. OTOH when I was MUCH younger than that, they were practically giving credit cards away.

    Recently I have started getting credit card offers from everyone I do business with. I think my total unsecured indebtedness is about $1,500 and all those decades of paying off bills on time has given me a rating close to 800. A good credit rating is an asset well worth having in your back pocket for an emergency. But then I’m not a materialist and have neither a yen for “things” or a lavish lifestyle.

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