#SLS for 10/18/20

Yes/No are on tap today. Easy right? Well one would think but I had a hard time finding something. Ultimately I landed on “You Say Yes”. Writer(s): Robert John Arthur Halford, Glenn Raymond Tipton, Kenneth Downing members of Judas Priest \m/. Not as metal as some of their songs. More on the bluesy side at least at the beginning. Definitely an 80’s vibe. From their Point of No Entry album @1981.

Say you want to rip it up
Paint the town red
Wanna do the hot spots
Get it in the head
You drive me crazy
I know your game
You done it all before
You’ll do it all again

You say yes, I say no

My blood’s on fire
I grit my teeth
You’re nothin’ but a teaser
Gimme some relief
I’m lookin’ at the bottle
Sinkin’ to the floor
I gotta white knuckles
Can’t take it anymore

You say yes, I say no

What do you treat me so
What I do, I do for you


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