Share Your World ~ 10/13/20

The days are short but the weeks are long or some such sentiment. Yesterday was a blur. Yet again. Make the hamster wheel stop! Melanie does that with her weekly challenge. Thanks so much for hosting this nice diversion. If you’d like to join in, here are the rules and ping back.


Are we “here” or do we just think we are?  (A metaphysical question today folks.) Can you prove your point of view? I am definitely not here. I am over there … way down yonder in the paw-paw patch. Haha. Wouldn’t it be cool or extremely anxiety provoking if we just thought we were here and not really here. Like the ending to St. Elsewhere. Maybe we are in that same snow globe of a child’s mind?

From an identity stand-point, which would be the worst for you personally to lose?  Your face, your body or your voice?    Which do YOU identify with most strongly for your own sense of self? My face but not for the reasons one might think. With my face gone, I’d lose my sight. My body is just a vessel and I could live without my voice since there are other ways to communicate. For my sense of self, I am introverted and look to my sharp and often sarcastic wit, not my face, body, or voice.

Do you have a ‘song’?  If you’re part of a couple, you could use “your couple’s song” OR a song that’s just always resonated with you. B and I do not have a song. We have an era of songs that we mutually like. We have a song or two or three that invoke memories. There are way too many to name. My favorite song changes with what I hear on the radio while driving. Since I no longer commute, I have not had anything new to to call my current favorite for a while now.

“Spooky” Halloween Question:  Oooo!  BOO!  

Are ghosts real or has someone been smoking something and just imagines them? Define ghost. Oxford reference says “the spirit of a dead person that a living person believes they can see or hear”.

In the physical form I would say no and maybe that is because I have never seen a ghost. I have also never heard a ghost with exception of my brothers making silly noises when trying to scare me when we were kids.

I do however believe the spirit of a dead person lives on in our memories. When we keep them alive in our mind, they are very much still with us. I even at times, talk to my parents. Especially when I need advice for my own kids. They never talk back but I imagine what they would do and try to incorporate some of their wisdom.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always strictly optional)

Please free free to share a moment of gratitude you experienced over the past week. I attended a work anniversary celebration that brought tears of gratitude. With all the nonsense going on around us, I realize my small pod is beyond blessed. I have a job, all four of us do when Lulu begins her training next week. We have a roof over our heads and more creature comforts than necessary. None of that is not lost on me.

As always, more to come.


10 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 10/13/20

  1. Come to Florida and I will take you to where the ghosts are in St. Augustine. I’ve seen one ghost (human form) when I was stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1985. I have seen other apparitions like orbs and smoke when there is no reason for it. I’ve felt it on my skin and something blew on the back of my neck on a ghost tour a few years ago at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. There was no one behind me! I thought it was Frank. He was in the other room. WTH??? It’s an interesting subject! 🙂

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      1. St. Augustine is a must see when you come to Florida. It is our oldest city and the 3rd most haunted city in the country. We go to the lighthouse periodically and climb to the top. The fort is there and historic downtown is just an amazing array of history. Usually a lot of people there and overcrowded with tourist, but it is a must see. There is a pirate ship you can take a little cruise on and a ghost tour is just really cool. There are several different ones. The most contact I have had is at the Lighthouse Keepers quarters. If you had seen the ghost at Camp Lejeune, you might have just thought you imagined it. I saw it with another marine while locking up the building. Our legal offices were in the old Naval Hospital which is now 2nd Marine Division.

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  2. I like your answer to the ghost question. In a way, I think that’s what “eternal life” is all about. And a couple of us had the St. Elsewhere snow globe thing going. Carried out to its extreme (which some people have), almost all of TV lives in that snow globe.

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  3. Thanks Jilly for Sharing Your World! Your identify is tied up with your personality then, not an external factor? Very interesting answer and unique so far! I too liked your ghost answer, it’s pretty near the mark I bet. I have experienced a ghost (felt it) by the extremely cold temperature in a room when I was a teen. And the fact that animals would not willing go into that room, you could force them to be in there, but they’d fight to get out immediately. Something was there..but we each have our own private theories of things like ghosts and who is to say any are wrong? Have a great week! ☺

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    1. Thanks Melanie! I believe there are things that are not explainable. If I had the experience that you did, I would have passed out. I get chills just reading it. I’m glad I have been immune from such first hand experience.

      Wishing you a great week too 🙂


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