Positive ID

Poor Lulu can’t catch a break. Her pre employment background check came back all clear/in the green except for positive identification. Under that section it stated unable to identify. What the what? Now she’s worried the job offer will be withdrawn. Any HR types know what unable to identify means?

13 thoughts on “Positive ID

    1. Oh my. What a mess. Hope that’s all cleared up now.

      I haven’t had a chance to post about Lulu, this was a non issue. Caused by lack of credit. If you’ve never had a credit card, you aren’t easily id’ed. Her new boss checked and all indications are her training begins 10/19.

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      1. Yay for Lulu! Frank never got his stuff straightened out. The right hand couldn’t talk to the left hand. I put him on my insurance & after losing my job in March, we kept the COBRA until last month when he got on Medicare. Cancelled the COBRA! I’m using the VA for now so we are okay. I will look into ObamaCare in open enrollment in November. I have registered, just have to wait a little bit longer to get extra healthcare. 🙂

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  1. she has a right to know and they have an obligation to disclose. I’d simply come right out and ask what it means and what the impact would be. it’s better to ask rather than sit around and fret. it cold be something that is easily addressed and corrected.

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  2. Might it be citizenship?

    If she is applying for a position maybe they could not verify the authenticity of one of her documents in the time they had. Nothing for it but for her to call their hiring department to find out what it means. Might not mean anything.

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    1. She didn’t submit any documents. It appears to say she’s “not found” via online search. The report gives her the option to dispute/appeal the outcome. Hope you’re right and it’s nothing.


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