Story Time ~ 10/1/20

My Swedish Death Clean continues. I wonder what people must think considering I have been writing about organizing and cleaning out for over a year. Even pre-Covid. Well the last hidey-hole for useless junk was my former office. We had created this little alcove with sliding door off the rarely used dining room. In that office is where I earned my degree. I have many good memories of old school balancing the books and other assorted “office” practices of yesteryear. I had a mammoth PC and AOL dial up. Anyone memba that? LOL. And I have no business laughing. We’ve kept our original AOL email despite having upgraded to Spectrum’s high speed.

Now that Lulu Belle has a job, she needed a place outside her bedroom from which to work. Wah-la, the old office was a primo spot. Speaking as someone who knows, working and living in the same small space is no bueno. One needs the distinction aka “work, life, balance” otherwise the 24/7 WORK can drive a gal bonkers. I finally gave up the ghost as they say and ordered a docking station for my work laptop & new work headset. I had been in denial, very sure we’d go back. Stubborn as I was, I worked off a TV tray in my living room, sitting in B’s favorite chair. Now that I know going back is not likely, and we’ll need to have privacy, I could no longer plop myself in the middle of the living room. Instead, Pony’s old bedroom is my new work locale.  Converted when the original office was abandoned.

Alrighty back to cleaning out the old office for Lulu. I found the below.  Picture is worth 1000 words. I’ll add my own words too. Tis my tale to weave 🙂


See the key? That’s for our 83 Mazda which we haven’t had in over 30 years.  Weird that cars even had keys. Not a fob or push start to be found in those days. The cash envelope has almost gone the way of the dinosaur. Cash? COVID-landia calls for cards.  Inside I stored the curls from Pony’s first hair cut (yes I’m that weirdo who saved his hair since 5/2/90).  When I tried to give his hair back to him he said “What? No, I don’t want that! Get it out of here”.  The credit union once located in C building when we only went to D building is no longer around as well. It was moved off campus, then bought out. And look at that area code folks. I’m that old to remember when 512 covered the entire city.

To close, here is a picture that brings me joy. Inspired by finding those curls. If you’ve seen the 10 days of joy, no explanations post going around FB, this picture is one of mine. The envelope, key, and curls are in the trash. Look how far we’ve come. Much love from Me and my Pony Boy!


Awww that’s my baby

As always, more to come.