Sunday Reflections ~ 9/27/20

Tired and overused but man, where has the time gone? Almost October. Here in San Antone we have an autumnal feel. Maybe we get a fall this year? Maybe I jinxed us?

After losing count of the number of rejections, Lulu finally got a win. She had made an interview video submitting it for consideration about two weeks back. She had not heard anything, assuming in only a matter of time she’d get the dreaded “you suck” email. But they called her Wednesday, asked a few questions, then set up a committee interview for Friday.

After that phone call, she came into my office, said she thought it went well, and that they’d let her know by the middle on next week. Instead, in less than an hour, her phone rang again and she was offered the position. While there are still a few things that need to fall into place to make this real, background check, drug test, you know the drill … thank you sweet baby Jesus! Lulu Belle has her first “real” as opposed to fake job.

Alrighty, now that I have blathered on enough, here is a short sweet roll call for last week:

#SLS for 9/20/20

Haiku – Fury & Slow ~ 9/21/20

Share Your World ~ 9/22/20

1linerWeds. 9/23/20

Story Time ~ 9/24/20

#WATWB for 9/25/20

Lame Attempt At Poetry 9/25/20

#SoCS for 9/26/20

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.


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