Sunday Reflections ~ 9/6/20

Pacing Myself by J-Dub

When I first started here on Word Press I was a prolific purveyor of bull crap. I had illusions of grandeur that somehow I’d become a writer. Not a published author as I realized early on I am suited for stream of consciousness in short bursts. Any story line I attempt to author would be a cluster. I learned that being a voracious reader does not equate to knowing how to put together a story. Instead, reading lets me know what I like where I can sit in judgment as I think writing is easy … hell even I could do that.

LOL. ‘Tis true. But I’d be wrong. Writing is hard y’all.

Maybe I still am a prolific purveyor of bull crap aka PPOBC considering how I kicked off this post. In the beginning, there was light!

Cough. cough <ahem>

Stay on track Jilly.

In the beginning, I wrote often to “release the hounds”. To scribble out those thoughts in a flurry is an emotional release that helped me deal. Writing has and will always be therapeutic to me. Can I get an alleluia? Or at least an amen! Nope? Well moving on then.

Times are still tough. Worse even than on that terribly hot July 2016 day where I started back again in earnest. Ernest Goes to Camp! Ugh. Stop wandering mind; stay put!

These days I want people to think well of me which is why I am keeping things light instead of making things heavy. Laughter has saved my bacon a time or two. Being silly Jilly is a coping mechanism. Finally a healthy way to deal that does not involve eating my feelings. I may stumble into the shadows a bit time and again but I’ll be right back out. Progress over perfection or some such nonsense from the Koolaid fountain at virtual work. Zen, deep breath in. I have a pattern and set rhythm that comforts me.

Sunday – Song Lyric Sunday and Reflection on the week prior

Monday – Haiku

Tuesday – Share Your World

Wednesday – #1linerWeds.

Thursday – Miscellaneous/Story Time

Friday – Ramblings/Book Club

Saturday – Stream of Consciousness #SoCS

Only one post a day … maybe two tops. I’d like to think pacing myself has helped me improve my writing skills. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz. Anywho, that is all … for now. But and it’s a BIG fat ass …

As always, more to come.

P.S. Things I hate about block editor. Adding links in any other space besides “classic block” which shows up as unsupported and not editable on my phone or iPad. You’ve got to be a freaking programmer to insert a link. What language? Are you freaking kidding me? Java my butt. I can copy paste a url but I want to add the text for the link, not just show the ugly url. <p> blah blah kiss my ass <p> that’s wrong … yeah buddy I know it … ain’t nobody got time for this sh*t!!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 9/6/20

      1. There are some pretty big words in those links lol I need pictures. I figured out how to do this on my desktop. I’d like the flexibility to be mobile and do same. I’m continuing to practice and hope to one day crack the code. 🙂

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      2. Markdown is perfect for the phone or tablet. In fact, that’s its main benefit: you just type. No dragging your mouse over a word or phrase that you want to boldface or italicize, no having to remember the format of how to do a link, if you want a bulleted list, you put an asterisk and type for each item, if you want a numbered list, you put a number, a peiod, and space for each item. Learn to do those five things, and that’s at least 90% of what you need to do…

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  1. Writing is hard, you are doing all the right things by practicing daily, but be careful of burnout. You might try writing small bits on Medium (and earn some pennies in the meantime), small essays, or micro fiction and submitting them to a paying publication like Chicken Soup for the Soul or Readers Digest.

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