Sunday Reflections ~ 8/30/20

#SLS for 8/23/20 started the week.  I dug out an oldie and obscure.  Sort of.  Many had never heard of April Wine.  I realized that I remembered more than two of their songs.  Pretty good group all and all.  The other offerings were fab as usual.

Haiku – Day & Flaw was next. Me and my non-Haiku, haiku. I tell ya folks, this is therapy for me.  Pony has informed me I am not following the rules.  To be true, there needs to be a juxtaposition.  Mine are rarely that but they are an emotional release so until I am told to stop, Monday at Ron’s place will continue.

Share Your World ~ 8/25/20 is a day late.  Though Melanie has not said we must respond same day.  That’s just my idiosyncrasy.  I will keep trying for Monday responses.  I truly enjoy this mental exercise.  The proverbial always a student aka Jilly enjoys answering questions.

#1linerWeds. 8/26/20 bringing back the corny.  Flash thought – corn-pone.  Minnie and Celia from The Help.  I will keep the memes coming until I run out of space in my media file.

Story Time ~ 8/27/20 I shared my mom and aunt’s handiwork.  I remembered some of what explains a bit of why I am who I am.  So many stories to tell.  So little time.  More to follow in the coming months.

#WATWB ~ 8/28/20 #InDarknessBeLight!!  what a way to close each month.  Looking for silver linings.  They are out there, I promise.

#SoCS for 8/29/20 capstone kooky.  More than 100 … of what?  Well check out all the creativity at Linda’s blog.

Whew!  I have to say this week outside the blog was better.  Not great, not awful.  I did do something FUN Thursday night.  I took a virtual tour of Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery with Adam Selzer – Titled “Health Scares in History”.   Strange and interesting … what a combo!!  I learned some new things about diseases of the past.  With my fascination for WebMD and the like, this tour was right up my alley.  One day post Rona, I need to hop on a plane to Chicago.  Until then, I will attend more of Adam’s virtual tours.  Say what you will about FB but there are some good things.  And I say that despite how the bastards blocked me!!

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always more to come.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 8/30/20

  1. Graceland is right near Wrigley Field. If you’re on the CTA Red Line, you can see it from the Sheridan and Irving Park station. Next southbound stop is Addison, right across the street from Wrigley. I must confess I’ve never been to Graceland, but I’ve seen books about it, and some of the headstones and mausolea are fantastic.

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