Sunday Reflections ~ 8/23/20

Here is what was on tap last Sunday … well dang block, that took me forever to figure out. Sheesh! I may not reflect any longer if my mad skillz do not improve. lol

#SLS  always a fun time with the tunes.

Monday was Haiku Haiku – Trip & Whip

Tuesday I shared my world x two with both Potter and Muggle questions Share Your World ~ 8/18/20 while later in the day my world was rocked What the Freak.   No more classic editor but there is a classic block.  Writing a post takes much longer right now but I’m hoping to get faster as the newness wears off. 

Of course that might be like hoping I’d get used to being put in time “pout” thanks to Rona (yes pout was intended).  The newness is not wearing off.  Wanting the old normal rears its’ ugly head more often than I’d like.  We had a meeting week before last where the company doctor said we will likely never have pre March 2020 “normal” again.  Yep, if you believe him that ship has sailed.  And yes we do have a company doctor.  No fooling.

Wednesday was #1linerWeds. 8/19/20 where I was serious … sort of.  There is no bad short speech.  Truth!! Not to worry, back to corny this week.  

Thursday was Uncle Pat’s birthday!!!  In years past, this would have meant a celebration.  This year was rona-fied. wah-wah.  nada.  Instead, I had A Ramble and A Confession.  I am looking for health options outside traditional medicine. Oh and today as I write this, I am intermittently surfing the web and taking more health surveys.  Two “you do not qualify” responses.  One went through though so I expect an offer I can’t refuse later this week.

Friday was Seriously Meredith Grey??!?!?!? A day to rant about health care in America specifically the big Pharma cost conundrum.  As an insured patient, my drug cost is $750 for a 90 day supply because I have not met my $2800 deductible.  Had I met my deductible already, the cost drops to $225.  Still high but much better than $750. 

My simple question which no one can answer is why?  Same drug, same cost to make, why does insurance made a difference in the cost to make and sell this drug?  Short answer is it doesn’t. 

No insurance folks can go to Good RX and pay $775 which is close to the insurance not met deductible price.  Medicare and Medicaid folks cannot get this medicine period, ever, the end.  They must go generic only regardless. 

Of course I have to ask, is generic the devil?  Likely not.  Someone once told me brand and generic have the exact same active ingredients but the fillers aka inactive ingredients are different.  Not sure the someone who told me was a reliable source or that I understood him correctly. 

All this extra reflection means another co-pay to talk to my doctor.  Of course what I did not explain is that I was already splitting my pills by 4 (YES TWICE).  Technically I get a year for the price of 3 months. 

If you have not figured out already, I am weird.  About drugs and many things.  I took the lowest dose that worked and surprisingly 1/2 of a 1/2 works.  My blood work from 8/17 came back perfecto.  And this is not a placebo effect.  I went off this med for three months a few years back and the blood test right at that three month interval showed a huge spike.  My only break in 17 years.  Getting back to good after that brief hiatus took over a year.  Which is why I do not want to switch to generic.  I am afraid it may not yield my current results.  Okay, I decided.  Money from the savings to get the $750 is worth it.  Then mark you calendars for next year at this time when I will have to rant again.

Finally my capstone #SoCS for 8/22/20

And FIN.  “What a freaking year, this week as been”  lol.  Are you as exhausted as I am?  

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always more to come.

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