Seriously Meredith Grey??!?!?!?

Dang y’all. I’ve been bambuzzled. I got the call from an autobot that my RX was ready. I was super excited since that meant the pre-authorization was approved. However when I got there, the price was $750 smack-a-roos.

Back home I am politely talking to an agent at the soul crushing drug company (name withheld to protect the innocent working for the guilty) to find out what the heck happened. I was told the price is really $225 or $75 a month x 3 months. She says just maybe the pharmacy had not caught up to the approval. She placed me on hold to call the pharmacy for further confirmation but the hold time was so long that she verified my number to call me back.

Insert Jeopardy! theme music …

I eventually got the call back and was told the price is right (not the fun game show btw). This price is when covered by insurance. WTF. Turns out I have not met my deductible. In order to get the $225, I have to have reached my deductible first. Now riddle me this. Why is the price different pre and post deductible? The medicine is still the same. Ugh! Such bull shit.

Now left with decisions, generic or keep fighting?

Challenge accepted!!!

As always, more to come.