Sunday Reflections ~ 8/16/20

This little Meme in the feature image has served me well.  I laugh and feel better.  That is all.

Or not, let me reflect upon the week that passed.

Sunday was the usual #SLS where the prompt was harmonica songs.

Monday was Haiku Haiku – Meet & Part the work day did not allow time for #SYW which was then pushed to …

Tuesday Share Your World ~ 8/10/20 or 8/11/20 I really love this challenge and this week I will attempt the Potter related questions from a non Potter person.  Should be fun!!

Wednesday I did the hokey pokey for   #1linerWeds. 8/12/20. The cornyval continues.  Get it corn-y-val as in carnival.  I shamelessly borrowed from Helotes TX fiesta fun. Which may go the way of the dinosaurs.  Or not.  Let’s hold hope shall we?  We shall!!!

Thursday was I’m Slacking or Crack-a-lackin

Friday was This Just Happened

And Saturday was #SoCS for 8/15/20

Whew!  Can ya tell I’m getting tired because I am.  So with that, I am FIN for now.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always more to come.

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