Day Drinking Rona Style

Lulu (as she takes a sip of chocolate cherry Baileys) “Dang it’s only 9 o’clock”

And that’d be AM not PM  LOL

A little nip here and there never hurt anyone …. or

I stopped purchasing wine because not having a glass during my lunch hour had become too challenging.  I never partook during my work day yet.  And to make sure I stayed on the straight and narrow, I stopped buying.  After all avoidance is the best risk mitigation technique. Am I right fellow CPCU’ers?

There is a certain lunch I have on Saturday afternoons that came into the weekday rotation now that I am home bound.  This particular meal goes very well with my wine.  I could still enjoy this every now and again.  I think ….  Not sure I want to find out though considering.

Most days I do okay.  I’d be lying if I said things are always good.  Extreme roller coaster of emotions yet I realize I am one of the fortunate.  Avoidance works wonders for many things.  Work is my distraction of choice.  Plus I love my job which makes work fun.  Laughter is a daily, many times hourly occurrence.   Might be why I am out of sorts on this day off.  Too much time to think.

Another perk for work is the healthy points mediation series and other assorted videos or challenges which are specifically geared to dealing with the pandemic.  I have been moved to tears, happy ones and almost always feel better joining in.  The walking meeting is a fave.  Gets you up outta your space.  There have been days I stayed in one place for 10 hours straight.  That’s not good for anyone.

Things I never stopped doing:

  • Showering nightly and general hygiene … this does not mean make-up
  • Making my bed every morning
  • Dressing in “street” clothes
  • Walking every morning (might have skipped a day or two but never consecutive) Plus the goal was five days a week anyway
  • Listening to music  … some times obsessively
  • Blogging
  • For a time I could not read because of nerves and not being able to hold a thought in my head.  But I am back having just completed “Ask Again, Yes” by Mary Beth Keane with “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones in the hopper aka Kindle.  #gratefulforsaplonlineservices

On that note, the book is calling my name.  I have done what I set out to do which is clean house and make the cookie cake for Lulu’s partay.  Rona style, less than 10, six feet apart, social distance feast.  Ha!  Time to veg out and finish my book.

As always, more to come.


Friday Yay!

Lulu finished her last class and B took the day off.  Not wanting to be left out, I am taking off too.  I have 345 hours of vacation time to burn.  Pre-COVID, I would have taken at least a week by now if not two.  Trippy man, trippy.  #Free48 plus 24 :).  Wishing all who stumble across this page a most wonderful day.

As always, more to come.