Story Time 8/4/20

Story Time: Best Friends Forever

I’m enjoying this stroll down memory lane. Read em and weep fellas. Or read em then toss em because I’m taking this Swedish Death cleaning 🧹🧻 🧼 thing to an extreme. I’m pretty sure that getting autographs on the last day of school was an annual event but I only kept two of the books. The orange one above shows the cover that came with. I don’t know any of those people. It’s like the paper inset picture that comes with the frame 🖼.

Do you guys remember me talking about Lisa Ann? My tip stealing friend. Share Your World ~ 6/22/20. Seeing her 5th grade scrawl made me smile. I’d forgotten her nickname for me. Boney! Ha! I was a stick.

Lisa and I got into such capers. During #SYW, I gave a few. We were in Girl Scouts together. We played volleyball and baseball. We crushed on the same group of boys. Her neighbor was like Kelly Leak from “Bad News Bears”, the bad boy who was exciting.

I remember sleepovers, birthdays, the skating rink. Our parents were glad we were friends. Lisa brought me out of my shell and I helped her be more studious.

I thought we’d be best friends forever. We talked about marrying our beaus and buying houses on the same street. Of course that never happened but it was really fun to dream.

She moved out of town and we lost touch. The last I saw her was at our reunion @ 2009. We laughed and reminisced like no time had passed. There she told us that during a routine eye exam, they found a brain tumor. Fortunately it turned out to be benign.

As always more to come.