#SoCS for 8/1/2020


Monumental love

Open up your heart 

Reaching for the stars and

Everything you crave

Wait! Are you trying be poetic silly Jilly?  Why of course!  This is stream after all.  Bigger, brighter, and MORE than you ever expected.

Writing has become your therapy and this week you’ve needed MORE counsel.  Life is precious.  Certainly not for the faint of heart.   The loss of a beloved co-worker has impacted us greatly.  Larger than life.  In a word H was MORE!  Commanded the room in the best way possible.  Such a bright sharp mind.  Gone too soon.

With his passing comes the realization that we never really know what anyone is going through.  Rona is exacerbating the situation making it MORE.  This means we should be MORE and do MORE in response.  “In a world where you can be anything, be KIND!”

Everything is just MORE

difficult/easy …

ugly/beautiful …

empty/full …

On a side note B’s more is home but that’s not a good thing.  She demanded to be released.  She signed herself against medical advice.  B tried to talk his dad out of bringing her home because she requires 24/7 care.   BUT, there is MORE. He cannot care for her in the way she needs to be cared for in this moment.  Mother in law has a hard pill to swallow for someone so vain.  Stubborn is an understatement.  Selfish?  Maybe?  Like a spoiled child, tough love was needed in this situation in my opinion.  Now we wait for the other shoe to drop.  MORE worry.

This post was written for #SoCS which is hosted by the lovely Linda G Hill who says that our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “more.” We are to start our post with the word “more.”  She encourages us to Enjoy!

To join in, here are the Rules and Ping Back


18 thoughts on “#SoCS for 8/1/2020

  1. Sorry for your loss and the difficult you are dealing with your mother-in-law. I honestly say prayers every day that my mom is in heaven and I’m not worrying over her stubbornness to do what she wants regardless of anything. COVID probably would have killed her with all her underlying conditions. It’s certainly a blessing to me that I don’t have that burden of worry. I will keep y’all in my prayers! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lisa! This is mind boggling. My poor father in law is trying his best to take care of her and there she sits like the Queen of Sheba barking orders. I’ve already told B that if something happens to me, I will not do that to him. This is really very sad.

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