Google Chrome is working on my last damn nerve.  I never signed up for these effing notifications and the annoying pop-ups are disrupting my ability to do what I want to do!  I might move over to Microsoft Edge which was forced on me a few days ago.  Is Edge the new IE?  I liked IE. Yes I am a Luddite techno-pheeb who is making words up.  I wrote pheeb not phobe since I do not fear technology.  I’m just feeble.  Which is a bad word isn’t it?  Ergh!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Ergh!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I hope you were able to get it straightened out. To my primitive way of looking at it, Edge is what Explorer became… I’m no authority. Now if stinkin’ TDS Telecom would fix my Internet, I might be able to read and leave a comment — before getting disconnected for 45 minutes… I feel for you Jill. Hugs.

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  2. Oh, good luck working through this mess. I use Chrome and Firefox, but I only use Chrome for twitter and some random searching. Firefox has been very good since they rebuilt it a couple years ago.

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  3. Yes, I tried Chrome and it is messing up my laptop as well. Actually, it is Chromium and we need to get it uninstalled asap!! Chrome is supposed to be good. I use Edge I think on a regular basis.

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    1. My kid swears by it so I tried Firefox before. It has been a while though and I don’t remember why it didn’t stick. Time to try again.


  4. Ok so I wasn’t the only one who woke up to “welcome to EDGE” I thought huh, I already had edge but flipped the switch and made Chrome my default. They are all annoying! You have to have a degree in scavenger hunts to find ALL the places they put toggle buttons to stop all the annoying things they have turned on.

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    1. You are sight right! They are all annoying. I have no default as of this moment but think I might poke around Edge and see what’s new. If I like it, default here I come 🙂

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