Never Say Never

I said I would never pay for air again.  I wrote a few times about my experience with Sirius XM … here and here and here.  Most recently my June 1 free trial expired.  While I was being the other F word, frugal, B had a small baby package for $5.47 a month (fees and taxes included).   I had forgotten about this until I was checking my account.

Last week I had some odd voice mails and text messages to punch in my code.  I ignored all the phishermen but after speaking to a rep, I decided to change my password.  That is how and when I found the $5.47 a month was now $22.02 a month as of July and had jumped to $22.02 for the first time in June.  Automatic renewal after expiration or some such mess.  Oh no, no, no, no not me, oh no, no, no, no not me … thank you Joan Jett ear worm.

Where was I? Oh ya, Sirius XM.  Never say never.

I called to inquire.  All sweet because ya know the Rona has me behaving better.  And 14 1/2 years in customer service helps me understand.  I asked how I could lower the price or I’d be forced to cancel.  I know we can afford $22.02 a month but I live like we can’t for Armageddon.  One never knows when … uh now.

But I digress.

I was offered a one year deal but I had to pay in one lump sum.  With the deal they would credit me $22.02 for July.  I lost June’s 22.02 but didn’t push it.  The deal was too saaaaweet to complain.

Now you might wonder, how did they get me?  When I swore up one side and down the other that I would not pay for air.  The mad ad men needed to do that.  Oh no, no, no, no not me, oh no, no, no, no not me.  Somebody stop me.  LOL.

Well I’ll tell ya, it was the online radio for my iPad, my desktop, and my iPhone plus the truck.  All four for $8 a month.  I have enjoyed this immensely.  It’s likely how I reconnected with Ms. Jett and the Blackhearts.  80s on 8.  Yeah Buddy!

As always, more to come.

17 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. Does it make you happy? Then keep it. It’s worth the money.

    I have Spotify and am auditioning Apple Music, which lets me get at my music (that I’ve purchased) from all my Apple stuff (my desktop and laptop, phone, iPod and Mary’s iPad and phone). They’re both the same price and I’m considering keeping both, but we’ll see. I looked at Sirius and their deals and I honestly don’t think I’d get as much from them.

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    1. Yes it does make me happy! The Apple deal does sound a lot better though. Sirius is “winning” that’s for sure. Even as I enjoy this, I still feel a bit like a “sucker born every minute”

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  2. I don’t pay for any music service. I switch between radio stations and/or listen to CDs. Some may say CDs are a waste, but I always have the exact music I want instantly and forever (I always copy the CDs to my computer too for safekeeping). Some think I’m a dinosaur for doing this, but it works for me. Glad you got your sweet deal though!

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  3. I said never when it took three attempts and some very bad language to cancel the free trial on my wife’s car. So far, I’ve stuck to it. I listened a few times in my 2012 Jeep, but once I discovered that it was wireless linked to my iPhone, I was content with getting my music from there.

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    1. Oh, I swear I can’t live without my Sirius/XM subscription! My dial stays tuned to Octane, Lithium, or Turbo! I do dig Joan Jett though; when I was stationed in Korea, I road a mountain bike all over the place with Joan or Mike Reno (Loverboy) blasting my ears as I pedaled. 🤣

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      1. They are a little harder, especially Octane, so if you like Lithium, you’ll probably just want to stick with that. I like hard rock, so I like all three of those stations. 😊

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