Sunday Reflections ~ 7/5/20

Hello, here we are again.  My Sunday Reflections post is officially a habit.   Let’s get to it shall we?

Sunday 6/28/20 was all about the J Geils’ Band “Freeze Frame”   where I recalled my dance team days and those 80’s neon style.

Monday 6/29/20 was time for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge.  Intent and Thought purposeful and driven to achieve.  This weekly exercise brings such stress relief.  Re-centering.

Since Monday was busy at work, #SYW or Share Your World was pushed to Tuesday 6/30/20.  We waxed on and waxed off all philosophical like Mr. Miyagi.  Melanie is something special.  I feel like I should be paying her by the 50 minute hour.  Haha.  I truly do feel better after a share.

Wednesday 7/1/20 a corny one liner from me.  I have a boatload of these and will keep on bringing the silly for the foreseeable future.  Life is otherwise too serious around here.

Thursday 7/2/20 started with Book Club and a quick review of “The Andromeda Strain”  I was diverting my feelings until later that day when I rambled a bit.  Still diverting my feelings to a silly Walmart grocery pick up that turned into a $20 credit for no true impact to us.  Ya see 7/2 is a painful anniversary for us; B lost his brother and only sibling.  I re-posted this poem from three years ago which made it all better albeit temporarily.  Grief is not time bound.

Friday 7/3/20 was the day I saw the original cast of Hamilton on the small screen.  Thank you Disney +  Every bit the magic I had hoped for as “Yorktown (World Turned Upside Down)” had me rapping along at the top of my lungs.  Yeah buddy!  I know this isn’t everybody’s cuppa but musical theater is my jam.  I watched the show twice.  The second time was during a live watch party with the cast participating.  I am not a regular Twitter user but this allowed me to gt more comfortable.  So many of us in community.  A collective virtual experience.  One for the memory banks that’s for sure.

Saturday 7/4/20 was Independence Day here in the states.  I participated in #SoCS, tossing in my two cents.  We enjoyed grilled burgers, icy cold watermelon, and Dr. Pepper margaritas.  Not as bad as they sound.  Not something we’ll do again anytime soon but they guys liked the traditional lime flavor.  Maybe another special occasion will draw us back.  If so, strawberry or mango for me.  No more fad “just okay” Dr. Pepper.

I didn’t blog about our evening but we were lucky to have fireworks close enough to see yet at a distance.   Perks of living outside the city limits.  We had four neon sparklers that we lit as soon as it was dark enough.  This is when we realized last night was a full moon.  This picture is better than other full moot shots I have attempted becoming my profile banner on FB.

Whew!  Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.


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