Sunday Reflections 6/14/20

Coming at you live from my iPad. Which is on the new editor. My desktop and my iPhone are on the old editor. Or classic as it is called. And somehow I forgot the steps to change back. So I’m jumping off the deep end with this newfangled way of doing things.

So far so good. I thought I might just talk about the week that was borrowing from John. Then I thought no. Copycat is not allowed. Besides that’s too hard. I can’t remember yesterday much less what happened Monday. Ha! Still in no particular order my plan is to reflect on the week. Will I manage to do this each week? That remains to be seen.

I’ve got a couple highlights. The first one is that we had a stray dumped at the house. Which is very sad because animals should not be treated that way. However in an all‘s well that ends well fashion, our cousin Kenneth now has a new pet. His granddaughter is enamored. The pup is no longer a stray having been renamed Elsa from the movie “Frozen”. Now isn’t that just the most adorable thing? Awww you betcha.

Second, Lulu and I completed a second week of walking. We had our come to Jesus talk and without too much fuss or fanfare, we’re out there. Our plan was to take Sundays off but today she suggested we take a stroll anyway. The weather was accommodating. A gentle breeze followed us around. I see her trying very hard and it makes my heart happy.

Third, I had Saturday to myself and relished every second. I love my family yet being cooped up since March is wearing thin. I cleaned house and washed clothes. I could’ve spent time differently but that’s what I wanted to do on my time. Mr. Hand aka Ray Walston very funny.

Fourth, I watched a “60 Minutes” episode about lost music from the concentration camps. Amazing how music was curative. Years later these songs have been saved. Beautiful music. All of it. Look below. See for yourself. Well worth your time. ❤

Fifth, I had a tele-heath visit. This while my new PCP visit was postponed until mid August. Dr. M is my gastroenterologist who did my last two colonoscopies. I’ve got meds to tie me over until a July 2nd breath test. Yeah don’t ask me. Takes three hours and I blow in a device ever 15 to 20 minutes. Good times. But maybe it’s not hocus-pocus and she will diagnose me.

Finally, I’ll wrap with the cherry on the top of the sundae. I found a new blog to follow. Written solely in Italian. The two words in English “body shaming” and a graphic picture lured me in. Now I’m hooked. I needed to know more. I dropped the words into Google translate. WOW. How cool is that? Reminds of being at Epcot and the kids took out their phones to use google translator to communicate with the Portuguese kids at our community table.

PS Work sucks lately but I’m not at work now. Putting that in my rear view. Only so much one can control. Yes I’ve been done wrong. Yes I’m being taken advantage of. Yes life isn’t fair. So eff it. Worked for B once when during his only trip to therapy after his accident he learned that skill. To say eff it to anything you can’t control. Mark Mason would be very proud.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

As always more to come.

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