Random Stuff

I have a new doctor!  Yay!!  In time of COVID after being kicked to the curb, I had to wait a bit but the time has come.  The practice sent a letter saying all former patients of (Dr. $$$$ is more important than you), call us.  My appointment isn’t until August only a month behind where I would’ve been seen.  With enough meds to carry me over, I’m feeling fine.  Relieved.  Grateful.

Maybe now I can get relief?  As I sit here with my heating pad for what feels like forever.  Doh!!!

I also hit 2000 healthy points which means Alpha level baby.  Earned 5% off my health insurance premiums.  I can keep going to 3000 points and win a water bottle.  That’s the bonus prize this year.  Not meaning to sound ungrateful (see above) but I don’t need another water bottle.  As it is, glasses fall out of my cabinet when I open the door.  We’ve reached our quota on water bottles and  other assorted drinkware (is that such a thing?).  Besides, they’ll never beat the back pack of 2019.

I’ll keep playing and collecting points.  I won’t have to order but will have the option.  I could always get it and re-gift it.  Pay it forward.  We shall see.

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. I can hear the happy voice! Just as an update, you know you were the inspiration to my exercise schedule during all this, don’t you? I’m hitting over 10-15K steps at least 5 days a week and 7-8K on my light days. I’ve lost 3” from my waistline. What???? So thanks for pointing out the heart tracker to me a few months ago. I win no prize and don’t get a break on my very expensive COBRA insurance, but I feel 40 again. 😁🥰👍

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      1. Ha! My oldest turns 32 this month. That’s a good age … for him 😃. I’m loving the double nickel and all that comes with the perks of age. The physical ailments not so much. Hoping the doc can fix me right up.

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      2. My second oldest will be 33 in a week. They are less than 11 months a part. So they are the same age for 3 weeks out of the year. It was fun when they were little and people would ask, “how old are they”, and the reply would be, “they are 5”. Then they would say, “oh twins”and I would say “nope”. Confusion ensued. It was a hoot! I get the physical ailments part. Started physical therapy this week because the VA says I have to in order to get my chiropractic referrals. My insurance doesn’t cover it and it keeps my body from hurting all the time. Hope you and I can both get fixed! 😊


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