#WDIIA ~ 5/19/20

Let’s keep in touch …

Where I am at today is 5/19/20 but I am linking back to Linda’s 5/18/20 post because as the hash tag abbreviates “What Day is it Anyway?”  Who the hell knows?

I am continuing my work from home until September.  Soon though … middle of June, 1000 of 30K employees have been invited to return to the office.  This offer which I refer to as “the return test” is completely and utterly VOLUNTARY.  And if it were not for the lovely description of the lack of amenities and hellacious commute, I might raise my hand.  But everything will be CLOSED! Including Starbucks.

<Audible GASP>

Before all this, we had the highest grossing Starbucks in the city, hell maybe in the everywhere.  And me? While I wasn’t a fanatic, I liked the fact their overpriced not really that good coffee was available should the NEED arise.  Want and need, need and want that is so last week’s #SoCS.

Anywho, this morning I spilled coffee on my pretty pink blouse as I was leaving my house to take my before work stroll,  Crap! I exclaimed.  Now I had a decision to make.  Did I go back in and change or power through?  Old days, change was definitely the answer.  I’d not be late anyway as I always baked in extra time to my commute just in case.  In case of what you ask?  Well flood, flying monkeys, or earth quake.  But I digress.

I was no longer pretty in pink and I didn’t want my blouse to stain.  In for a quick change.  That’s when I realized I have acquired a uniform.

Monday I always wear my Lucky Palace t-shirt with gray shorts,

Tuesday I always wear my pretty pink blouse with gray shorts,

Wednesday I always wear any of my three purple colored t-shirts (power to my women friends in IT) and gray shorts,

Thursday I always wear my branded company T-shirt and gray shorts,

And Friday I always wear any red shirt #remembereveryonedeployed and gray shorts.

I either have a gray shorts obsession OR not …


At least I still shower daily.  And I change out of pajamas.  And I mostly control my snacking.  I am a roller coaster of emo though.  One freaking day at a time or minute by minute.

I’ll take a doobie, brother 😉  As if I even know anything about such things. Hehe 🙂

As always, more to come.