Sunday 🐏blings 5/17/20

I’ve been going through some stuff.  We all have.  I’m not sleeping, or exercising, or doing any of the things that help me.  I’m feeling guilty that my stuff is small potatoes.  Which perhaps it is but saying so diminishes my feelings.  Still channeling my inner therapist (name withheld for confidentiality reasons hers not mine), there is no contest for whose pain is the worst.  I have the right to say things suck when they suck.  I have the right to do so without discounting my feelings.  That learned coping mechanism was anything but helpful (well on that she and I still disagree).  Thinking it could be worse somehow saved me.

I’m heartbroken for the classes of 2020.  Both high school and college.  They’ve been robbed.  Unfair life goes and does it again but this time the playing field is leveled.  This disappointment is a universal blast where no one is unscathed.  And my mind goes back to the less degree of severity that I and my family have felt and again the guilt is resurrected.  Rearing its’ ugly motherfucking head.

So, … I took matters into my own hands.  I got my ass up off the couch and out the door.  I turned off the step counter (or tried to, I think it is automatic) because it is not about motherfucking steps.  One step is enough.  This one action to go outside and walk it off is enough!

I had my gig for the snakes I might encounter.  I had my mask in case another Fed Ex driver graced my presence.   I had my Orange Crush cap, borrowed from my Lulu because I wanted to CRUSH it!!! while not getting sunburned.  I had my phone and WP app tuned to #SLS.  I walked as the music eased my mind.  I lost track of time.  I took things slow, lived in the moment, and stopped in the shade when I had to go back to the list of pingbacks and move to the next tune.

On a semi-related side note, I have always wondered why some people feel the need to laugh at mean things.   Now I have a pretty dark sense of humor truth be told.  And I am sarcastic as fuck but when it comes to jokes that demean I’m not down for that.  Makes me wanna punch a face.  And in this altered state, I can dream can’t I? POW right in the kisser.

Until next time which will hopefully be happier, use your rights and the responsibility that goes along with them.  Take all the necessary precautions.  Wear a damn mask.  Social distance.  Or stay at home.  Simple, respectful.  Otherwise you reek of privilege.  Sometimes doing the right thing is doing what’s hard.  

As always, more to come.

17 thoughts on “Sunday 🐏blings 5/17/20

    1. I do agree with that my friend Margaret. It was something my daddy always said. Sort of akin to no crying over spilled milk. He would say “no harm done, it could be worse”. I think the no harm done said in his sweet endearing voice is what made it all OK. And now I’m a puddle over here. I miss my daddy.

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  1. LA City has made a mask mandatory for anyone out-of-doors. Even your own front yard. I am glad I don’t live in the City of LA. Like you, I see no purpose in wearing a mask if there’s nobody else near me.

    The country of Qatar now has a law that punishes being in public without a face mask by 3 years in prison, It is possible to take safety overboard. But at least now men have to wear the functional equivalent of a burqa, as well as women.

    And for your day’s entertainment:

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    1. I was just talking to the kidlet about other areas being more strict. Big scheme of things we’re lucky. I’m back to it could be worse.


  2. on April 27th i made down to under 300 lbs, but now with work happening and crap food within reach and temptations too strong, with the gym closed since late March and zero motivation to exercise, i have had some minor weight gains and feel really horrible about it. Plus lockdowns in place, cabin fever getting the best of me..this state of existence really sucks. so i feel you, truly.

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    1. I must’ve been in my little bubble. I didn’t realize the difference between lock-down and what we’re having to do here. Definitely feel for the whole humanity.


      1. Some countries are completely locked down. Only a hour a day outside to exercise and if you missed your time, you’ve got to wait until the next day. We’re reopening here too.

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  3. Be sure, if you’re going to wear a mask, to take it off occasionally to breathe fresh air instead of your own carbon dioxide. Especially if you start getting light-headed…

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  4. Okay J-Dub…I’m a little lost with this post (and with Michael’s comment above, “…over your way…”) and I guess that’s ‘cuz I don’t read every word of every post that you’ve written but…are you worse off, better off or about the same as everyone else? I can’t tell. This sucks for everyone and I do believe the degrees vary between individuals (e.g. no one close to me has died and I’m not going to lose my house or business *I don’t really have a business but if I did I’d consider myself ‘worse off’).
    Hang in there – that’s what we are all doing. I’m not going to quote that blithely overused mantra that I have heard too much of lately.

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    1. Two better off and two worse off regarding immediate family but fortunately we are all healthy and that’s what’s most important. So tired of mixed messages about safety in re-opening the economy. I assume Michael meant Texas in general when he said over your way. We’re all over the news with failing grades for how this has been handled.

      Right before reading this I saw a meme that said “This too shall pass, it may feel like a kidney stone when doing so, but it will pass”
      Makes me laugh and we can always use more of that.

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