#SLS for 5/17/20

Short and sweet, I’m using ordinal number 19th. Specially 19th Nervous Breakdown. Thank you Rolling Stones, Composers Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. I’m on the verge of a 20th breakdown hoping these tunes will keep me sane. Things are rotten in Denmark. I’m an emotional mess. With further ado, here you go, lyrics within:

Rules and Ping Back

24 thoughts on “#SLS for 5/17/20

  1. Things are rotten in Denmark because the fisheries that process the sardines are not able to cope with the capacity that is being caught. For thousands of years, these excess fish were always taken to the old sardine dumping ground. The landfill became a catastrophe and it was eventually closed, but even after it hadn’t been used for decades, the stench was still nearly unbearable, truly rotten.

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