#WDIIA ~ 5/14/20

I don’t see anything yet over at Linda’s place.  I’ll go ahead and get started and link back later.  If there is a later?  Seriously y’all, I’m hurting.   No bueno and no doctor to go to since kicked mine to the curb.  Prior to all this COVID crap, I was searching for answers.  Always testing normal-ish.  Ya know, not quite but close.  The pain which used to be intermittent is always.  I keep powering through telling myself it’s stress cuz it is stressful.  Work … is off the chain.

How many emails does it take to have a conversation that really shouldn’t even be a question?  The answer is 13!  After being summarily dismissed, I sat back with my pop corn and watched. Email reply all after remail reply all.  Stop the nonsense!!!!

Lesson learned for me y’all is that Jilly don’t play that.  This ain’t no Twitter war.  LOL.  Let the fools be fools.

As always, more to come.

Let’s keep in touch …