#SoCS ~ 5/9/20 “Cave”

Howdy 🤠 y’all. Time once again for #SoCS. Yay 😃 us!! The lovely Linda says and I quote “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cave.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!”

Hmm 🤔 think 💭 think 💭 and think 💭 cave. My first thought for god only knows why was Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean M. Auel. Movie 🎥 ruined the book 📖 for me. Always read the book first! Form your own opinions. Paint the scene in your mind as the words leap off the page.

What else? I know. Saturday morning cartoons. Captain Caaave Man.

Anything else? Nope. I cave.

To join the festivities 🥳 here are the Rules and Ping Back

12 thoughts on “#SoCS ~ 5/9/20 “Cave”

  1. I usually say, watch the movie, then read the book, because otherwise, I’m disappointed in the movie and the book gives so much more detail. It’s odd that being such a fan of Jean Auel’s books, I’m not sure if I read the book first or saw the movie first. Seems like it was the book first. I know the author was not happy about the movie. Oh, what an escape those books gave me – like science fiction, but in the opposite direction.

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  2. I remember watching Clan of the Cave Bear shortly after we had our first daughter. When the part came where the mother was swallowed up into the earth I got hysterical (probably had something to do with postpartum hormones) and went and grabbed our baby and just held her. Vivid memory to this day but I can’t remember the rest of the movie!

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    1. Captain Caveman seemed to spin off from the Flintstones. Or I am confusing him with the martian spin off. CaveMan had Teen Angels helping him who were like Josie and the Pussycats or the gang from Scooby Doo. It was the ’70s man … lol

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