#WDIIA and Reflections ~ 5/1/20

Silly – you know what day it is!  You wrote 5/1/20 in the title.  What’s wrong?  Go on; tell mama.  She’ll make it all better …

Aaaaahhhhhh Calgon take me away.

I’ve reached critical mass and NEED a vacation.  Seems even sillier to NEED a vacation than asking what day it is.  I mean c’mon, I’m working from home.  How hard could that be?!??  Well if you have to ask, you’ve never done it.  Oh the guilt!  I have it easy without kids underfoot.

Not to minimize my feelings dammit.  This is no cake walk.  I need to get this under control.  Take back my power.  And it started with some self-care.  Time log out,  pack up the “office” and relish in #free48.

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “#WDIIA and Reflections ~ 5/1/20

      1. Oh I know but that is too strong. I was introduced to a eucalyptus one on my trip in September and oh man! I’ll be getting to that blog soon. Wait till you see what I soaked in. 😊

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