#1linerWeds. 4/29/20

How are you supposed to eat out at a restaurant with a mask on your face?

Son’s response to the possibility of re-opening his mom’s restaurant at 25% capacity as Texas begins the slow roll-out to a phased re-open of our economy.  The approach allows dining rooms to re-open but does not remove social distancing requirements of six feet apart, masks, and gatherings less than 10.  Seriously Meredith Grey?!?  Makes no sense.

I am heartbroken for all impacted.  When I say all, I mean HUMANITY!!  No one is immune.  😦

Rules and Ping Back

17 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 4/29/20

  1. I think they are going to have to post photos/videos to show us what is expected. My son is a bartender. His restaurant has been closed for 2 months. Even if they open, I can’t imagine they would allow people to sit at the bar. Ugh!

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  2. I was thinking the same thing. Even if you could distance every one, limit to groups of 10, which is perspective. Is that 10 per party or 10 in the whole restaurant. If you figure that out THEN how do they eat with masks on…smh. Not that I would LOVE to have a meal out. It seems like it has been years 🙂

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