#1linerWeds. 4/29/20

How are you supposed to eat out at a restaurant with a mask on your face?

Son’s response to the possibility of re-opening his mom’s restaurant at 25% capacity as Texas begins the slow roll-out to a phased re-open of our economy.  The approach allows dining rooms to re-open but does not remove social distancing requirements of six feet apart, masks, and gatherings less than 10.  Seriously Meredith Grey?!?  Makes no sense.

I am heartbroken for all impacted.  When I say all, I mean HUMANITY!!  No one is immune.  😦

Rules and Ping Back

Y is for Yes ~ 4/29/20

Saying NO is hard for me.  I’m a YES woman.  Not like a kiss a$$ but a selfless I may be drowning but sure hard my your rock YES woman. But let’s not dwell on that.   Instead let’s jam with Yes!  Prog rock goodness.  Listen with a headphone.  Now that’s a true treat!

As always more to come.