W is for Weight ~ 4/27/20

Now this is a massive topic. WEIGHT!!!  of the world on our shoulders.  Huh?  WTF?

You feel it too don’t you?  Duh!  Of course you do! Even the “haves” prolly feel it.  These are strange days friend.

My original choice for W, pre-COVID stay orders was welcome.  I wasn’t sure how I’d change it up from a recent #SoCS post re: Disney’s Moana “Welcome”.  But I knew there was plenty meat left on dem bones.

You see my original #AprilA2Z theme, non theme was positive words.  What’s more positive than welcome?  Yet as the day for W crept closer, things didn’t feel welcoming.  Instead, I ventured into weighty territory.

As I typically do, music became the backdrop. My thoughts as I sat down to write were laden with the anger side of grief.  “She’s So Heavy” … instrumental clip/cover … kicked things off.

I want you
I want you so bad, babe
I want you
I want you so bad
It’s driving me mad
It’s driving me mad

She’s so heavy man.  She weighs a ton.  I sit and watch like a hawk. Judging.  Trying to see her slip up.  Prove my suspicions of the worst.  Because I always assume the worst.  Yet through all these days, turned weeks, into months, she proved me wrong.

Doubts linger.  My nature doesn’t allow me to believe without struggle.  I feel for sure the outside world still judges.  They’d never believe either.

And why would they?  With all the ever lovin’ memes making shaming the norm.  Not just physical weight either.  Carrying that weight is a universal symbol for a variety of things.  The burdens we bear.  During times of COVID … but also both before and after.

This mauldin post was brought to you by the mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty for #AprilA2Z.  The demons are expelled once again and considerable weight is lifted off my shoulders.  Albeit briefly, we’ll still call this a win.

As always, more to come.