#SLS for 4/26/20 ~ Lost Boy

The prompts today are Alone/Confined/Depressed/Isolated/Restless/Solo.  I immediately thought I’d do something cheeky and move on.  Ya know like “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith.  But then I went on a quest for a song that moves me.  Music has always been healing to me even when the lyrics are dark.

There was no shortage of songs to choose from which is sort of sad/not sad.

When Lulu and I were at her freshman orientation, we sat at a table with a boy, his girlfriend and the boy’s mom.  This kid had a full scholarship for music.  He was a singer with the voice of an angel.   As we sat there during lunch, music was piped through the speakers to create a festive mood.  “Lost Boy” by Ruth B came on and he sang along.  I have chills just thinking about it.

With different majors, they never crossed paths again.  That’s not the point of the story anyway.  Makes me smile to remember.  His voice, the new beginning, hope filled dreams of the next chapter in their young lives.

Now here we are 2020.  Lulu is graduating in August.  We don’t know if they will have a ceremony?   Ya see April 30, turned into May 31, which could turn into … She has no job prospects as all recruiting came to an abrupt halt.  Times are tough.  Lots of lost boys and girls out there.  Without further ado, here is the video.  Lyrics within.

Thanks Jim for hosting us again.  You’re the best.  For anyone who wants to join in, here are the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.