S is for Sweets ~ 4/22/20

Sweets …

as in sugar

as in pie

as in brownies

as in donuts

as in Hi my name is Jilly and I want to eat a big ole cookie for heaven’s sake!!! 

Up to this point in my life, I’ve been mainly a salty snacker.  Peanuts, pop corn, and chips!!  Man chips!!  Yummmmm.  They’re manna from the gods.

But right now, all I wanna do is eat cake!  Or something sweet to cure what ails me.  Ugh!

Now is not the time to go off the deep end.  Good thing I’m not at liberty to just run out all willy nilly.  We’re still under stay orders locally though Texas is re-opening in a phased approach.  Not us Dub’s though we’re staying put.  Fortunate that we can.  Choices that have become unaffordable luxuries to many.

I’ll stop right here.  Don’t want this post to turn sour.  Instead I’ll leave while things are still sweet.

As always, more to come.


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