R is for Reality ~ 4/21/20

And in this case reality bites …

Eff covid.  Am I right?  Or can I get an amen? Or whatever.   I am so very tired 😦  This reality is mentally exhausting.  I am lost while reading propaganda from the left and the right … both extremes while we (my immediate family) are fully planted in the middle.  Makes it hard to know what’s real when nonsensical people are doing their damndest to prove a point which no longer needs to be made.

Life is not all doom and gloom though.  Beacons of light are sprinkled throughout.  Maybe I need to do a better job of searching for that goodness?  Rhetorical but I’ll answer anyway.  Of course I do.  I must get past my pity party.  Quit watching the gd news.

As always, more to come.