Q is for Quiet ~ 4/2020

To still the voice inside my head which is truly my own rowdy thoughts screaming back at me would be a godsend.  Truly …

I am blocked again.  Unable able to put my thoughts into any semblance of order that would make sense. This is maddening.  The swirling dervish that is my mind. Ugh, Calgon take me away to silence, sweet golden silence or at least a quiet solitude where I can reflect.

On a worst case imaginable note, we lost a family member last week.  A distant relative … Popo’s cousin’s grandson.  This beautiful soul had struggled much of his short life with anxiety, depression, and in his teen years addiction.

No matter the space in between us, we remain family.  In fact humanity connects all of us.  No parent should have to lose a child.  Watching my dad go through the loss of my brother and watching my in-laws follow suit when we lost D is by sight a witness to agony.  A palpable grief which quiet might soothe.  Wordless moments to heal.  As the world continues turning.

As always, more to come.