P is for Practice ~ Twofer A2Z & #SoCS

Welcome back to another Saturday full of hot streaming goodness. On tap today is AprilA2Z and #SoCS with the prompt word practice. Thanks to Linda G Hill our host with the most for the inspiration. To see the other fine features, follow this link to good times. Rules and Ping Back

Practice makes perfect or so the saying goes. And while I agree some things improve with practice, perfection is but an illusion. I also believe there needs to be some underlying talent or ability to achieve proficiency. A rather evident example would be me learning to slam dunk. I could practice until the Spurs come home yet that’s not happening. Tee hee. I said Spurs instead of cows. I slay me.

Though when the goal is realistic practice and putting in the work is worth the effort. Keeping with the sports theme, I started playing volleyball when I was 8. A sprite of a girl, I couldn’t even serve the ball over the net.

I didn’t quit and for months (really years) I practiced. I had my volleyball with me at all times. I’d bump the ball against the side of the garage for hours. I ran wind sprints unrelated to game play to build stamina. And I read everything I could on the sport and knew the rules inside out. By end of my second season, I was most improved. I was an Allstar by 7th and 8th grade. My Sophomore year I made the varsity team. From there the rest is history. Well it is sillies. My history. 🙂

More than anything I enjoyed being part of a team. Practicing together in perfect rhythm. Running drills. The whistle! Coach saying “Run it Again!” Such sweet memories on this nostalgic Saturday.

As always more to come.

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