#WDIIA ~ 4/15/20

Let’s keep in touch …

What a day y’all. Formerly income tax day now delayed until July but yeah we filed early as we always do day aka Kevin Bacon’s nose day which is a bit of an inside joke that’d really explain things if I tell you more. Ya see six years ago B had a closed nasal reduction surgery after being injured 11 days earlier when the scaffold he was on collapsed. The whole time to lighten his pain we joked that the doctor could make him look like Kevin Bacon.

I woke up with a ear worm of a song I’ve since forgotten. I was out of sorts and unsure why. I’d told myself no more 12 hour days. Logging out at 4:30, I ran the gauntlet that is online grocery shopping which they’ll only schedule 7 days out. Our first time and not knowing we’d time out of the cart as pick up spots are worth more than gold. When 10 minutes were left, I got the “order now or your time slot goes to the next person waiting” message. Fortunately we can add 10 items up to 4 hours before pickup on 4/22/20.

I’m relieved B isn’t going out as this online order is touch-less. You pop the trunk and they’ll load. I’m worried still that our personal shopper will wear gloves which are mini-corona busses. Gloves (beyond single use) cause cross contamination not prevent it. Not sure which is worse B shopping while taking precautions or us doing this faux sense of safety touch-less thing. I mean c’mon. Someone has to touch something.

First world problems am I right? Or is this new world problems? I read this thing could continue until 2022!! Kids are telling me this is our generation’s Depression. We’ll talk about this time as those before did about 1929. Only difference is 1929 didn’t include effing covid.

Back to what started my ramble. When B was hurt, we were in the middle of pain and couldn’t see a beyond the moment. Intense and stressful, we (he more than me) muddled through. But we forgot. Six years later and a FB memory was needed to remind us. Maybe the same can be said for what’s happening now. We’ll look back and wonder how we ever did it. That gives me hope for betters days. Now let’s hope the hope isn’t a fickle bitch.

As always more to come.

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